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Helen and Mickey Mouse
Prosthetics for Therapists Update
Five Questions for Earl Isaacs
Therapy FAQ of the Month
Our Calendar
Tuesday 1/12/10 (Noon)
Covington Care Center
'Prosthetic Overview'

Wednesday 1/13/10 (8am)
Trinity Community of Beavercreek
'Prosthetic Overview'
Thursday 1/14/10 (8am)
Forest View Care and Rehabilitation Center
'Prosthetic Overview'
Thursday 1/14/10 (Noon)
Greene Memorial Hospital Rehab
'Prosthetic Overview'
Wednesday 1/20/10 (Noon)
Harborside New Lebanon
'Prosthetic Overview'
Friday 1/22/10 (Noon)
Heartland of Eaton
'Prosthetic Overview'
Monday 1/25/10 (Noon)
Lifecare Hospitals of Dayton
'Prosthetic Overview'

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Helen and Mickey Mouse

Do you remember the picture below of sweet little 'Helen' from the May 2009 eNewsletter? 
Helen and her 4 siblings and parents, Amy and Noel, moved to the Dayton area in June 2009 and chose Optimus Prosthetics as their new prosthetic resource. 

Helen who is (3 years young) was fit last month with a new transtibial prosthesis featuring a silicone locking liner and lock (and Mickey Mouse!)  Helen was a true joy to work with.Helen_2
Watch Helen "clicking in" to her new prosthesis.
'Prosthetics for Therapists' Update

Prosthetic Overview Unveiled This Month!

This course covers demographics and a broad overview of both upper and lower extremity amputation levels and their typical modalities.  See Therapy FAQ of the Month below for a sneak preview related to demographics.

As you can see from the calendar, 7 therapy groups have already scheduled time for the new course, 'Prosthetic Overview'. 

Is your group scheduled yet? 
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Earl IsaacsFive Questions for Earl Isaacs

Meet Earl Isaacs, one of the most dynamic individuals that we've ever had the sincere pleasure to meet.  He is a Mayor, an Artist, Pilot, Vietnam Veteran, motorcyclist and prosthetic-wearer. 

Earl is currently the
Mayor of Waynesville
'The Antique Capital of the Midwest', serving the citizens there half-way through his 4-year term from 2008-2011. 

He is also a talented artist -air brush, silk screen, graphic artist... you name it! 

As for flying planes, Earl obtained his pilot license on December 3rd, 1979 and currently flies a Cessna 172.

Bridge buzzerAs for classifying Earl's 1977 flying stunt (flying under the Ceasar's Creek bridge) as 'crazy', Earl defends that it was NOT crazy and that it was a well-calculated and well-executed maneuver and that he has no regrets.

Would you mind sharing how you lost your limb? 
I was riding my motorcycle on Wayne Avenue on May 3rd, 1995 when I was T-boned by a Cadillac.

Who most inspired you after your accident? 
You just have to have a sense of humor and a positive attitude.  Otherwise, life comes at you hard.  When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade.  That's what I like to share with others with recent amputations.

How has your life changed since the accident?
It slowed me down.  Well, it slowed me down when it comes to running and walking anyway.

What are your personal goals?
To continue with my artwork, continue flying my Cessna, and continue riding my Harley Davidson motorcycles!

What advice would you give to other medical professionals? 
To work with an amputee, it takes someone special; they have to have a lot of compassion in their heart.   I've been fortunate that I've been surrounded by good people - Dr. Dunaway who performed my amputation surgery and John Brandt whom I have worked with since DAY 1!
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Therapy FAQ of the Month

How much energy expenditure is used when compared to an individual who ambulates without a prosthesis?

Energy expenditure