SmokinTex Newsletter 

September 2012                                          Volume V, Issue IX


Fall  Smoker Special
This package includes:

 Pro Series Smoker

Model 1400

+ plus +

1 Thermometer with 

digital readout

4 Standard Grills
1 Seafood Grill

1 Stainless Drip Pan
4 Wheels (2 Locking)
Break-in Wood


 Order yours

today and get

that great smoked flavor

 right in your
own backyard


All for $595  


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SmokinTex Cart
 A must have!
Pro Series 1400w/cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers.
Stainless Steel Cart 
  • 3 stationary shelves
  • one fold up
  • 4 wheels (2 locking)
seafood grill
Use to smoke delicate meats, cheese, nuts and veggies.
Wood Chunks 
   Wood sample kit    
10 lbs.
Wood Chips  
For flavor enhancement. 
 Flavor Box 
Add wine, herbs or spices
or experiment with your
own combination! 
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 Residential Smokers.


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Wood Chips
 Wood Chips
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After two years in the making our new smoker model 1460 is ready to take your smokin experience to a whole new level!


Larger than our model 1400, it can hold 60 pounds of heavy meat cuts or 14+ racks of ribs.


The 1460 comes with 4 standard grills (has 7 grill positions)

and 1 seafood grill.


Of course, you get heavy-duty wheels (2 locking), stainless

steel drip pan, operating manual and break-in wood.


Along with this you still get the same great customer service you are used to from SmokinTex


So step up to a bigger backyard smoker and fill that freezer

full of great smoked foods created by you!


The 1460 is only currently available to our SmokinTex customers and our supply is limited.


Click on the BUY link or call us at 888-922-1511

Order yours today!


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Tailgating Success with SmokinTex

Wangs by Sundown    


Photo by SmokinTex Forum Senior member Sundown.


Depending on where you tailgate - in your own living room

parked in front of the big screen or parked in front of the stadium - you can have an awesome smoked meal created entirely by you.


Do prep work at home ahead of time and pack as much as you can in ziplock bags so you can just pitch them for easy cleanup.


Load your crockpot with sauced up smoked pulled pork and ladle on fresh buns. Awesome and filling. Your crockpot is a valuable tool for keeping things warm. You can use them for hot dips, bbq sauce - even smoked ribs.


Try smoking wings or "wangs" as one of our SmokinTex Forum members calls them. He posted his recipe and technique on the forum here.


Share your smoked food knowledge with others and spread

the joy. Have a smokin tailgating party this fall!






Get inspired and watch our SmokinTex video on smoked ribs.

Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex



Active Duty Military Discount  
All Star Award  

SmokinTex salutes all our veterans and active duty military.
We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all
active duty military.
You must call 888-922-1511 to receive this offer.
SmokinTex supports our troops -- thank you for all you do!

If you have any questions, tips, or recipes check out
our SmokinTex Forum, SmokinTex Blog, Web site or just give us a call at

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