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March 2012                                                             Volume V, Issue III


  Spring Smoker Special

 Pool 1400 Model

This package includes:

Pro Series Smoker Model 1400

4 standard grills
1 seafood grill
1 stainless steel drip pan
4 wheels (2 locking)
break-in wood


thermometer with probe and digital readout

Perfect for getting
that leg of lamb or ham or turkey
just right for your tastes
according to the internal temp
of the meat!


All for $595

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Turkey Tray
Use to smoke your
Easter Ham.
Turkey Tray
 Smoke turkey, veggies,
 nuts and more. 
seafood grill
Seafood Grill
Use to smoke delicate meats, cheese, nuts and veggies.
Wood Chips
 Wood Chips
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Get Ready to Celebrate Spring!

Entertaining at home for some has always been popular. But for others our outdoor spaces lack focus or appeal for entertaining. Creating a gathering point outside can be challenging but here are a few ideas from our great SmokinTex customers.


This is just one idea on building a backyard kitchen and including your SmokinTex smoker.


This slideout option was posted on our SmokinTex Forum by member Mad Dog.




After years of discussion, months of designing and finally weeks of actual work, the new grill island is complete. OK, mostly complete. I still have a few minor items to finish up with but at least it's in a usable form. I thought I would post this as another example of how to handle the SmokinTex 1400 pro within an outdoor island or kitchen.

The real trick was the slide out for the smoker. When not in use, I can slide the unit into the island which keeps it safe and clean. While in use, the smoker is simply pulled out far enough to access the controls and clear the exhaust vent. Because we have a propane grill, I also incorporated a propane drawer on the far left, a standard drawer above that and a propane single burner which I recessed into the top. The middle drawer is simply used to access the inside area. I've also incorporated 2 sets of outlets. One outlet is positioned between the burner and the grill on the back splash so I can run the rotisserie and the other is inside the base behind the smoker. The backsplash outlet has a standard flip cover and the smoker outlet has a plastic cover which protects the outlet while items are plugged in.

The basic materials include steel studs, hardy board, slate and travertine. The base is roughly 32"d x 96"w and the top is 36"d x 108"w.


We love this and what a thing of beauty it is! Thanks, Mad Dog!


This is from another customer who placed the cutout in their outdoor kitchen on the back for easy pull out.

Notice the smoke hole on the surface of the counter.



Outdoor kitchen cutout































This wood smoker stand was made by Forum member dan/baltimorebayside


wood smoker stand

Made a smoker stand for my SmokinTex.....Also have (not shown) my racks hanging underneath via hooks......Works great!!!

In fact, I used my smoker so much, my heating element is starting to hang down, making my wood box hard to get on and off.....I guess I need to order a new heating element....


Let these ideas be an inspiration for us all to beautify our backyards and use our smokers to the utmost.

And don't forget, your smokers can be used as a warming/holding oven too!

Smoked Rack of Lamb 
Rack of Lamb


Marinated racks of lamb overnight in vacuum bag with
olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, (smoked a while back)
fresh oregano, salt, pepper and sugar.

Smoked with 2oz cherry until it was 
139F internal temp.

Threw it on the grill for a bit until seared on all sides.



Posted on our SmokinTex Forums by member DavidJ3rd.



Thanks to all our Forum members for their contributions!


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