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February 2012                                                             Volume V, Issue II



I am in love.  I have 63.5 pounds of brisket, with your suggested rub of paprika, salt and pepper on, two pork butts, one corned beef to make neighbors probably didn't get any sleep it smelled so good.  I am headed out right now to take it out.  I am so impressed by this simple to operate for dummies, that would be me, smoker that is amazing. 

I can't learn enough fast enough. I read everything I can google.  More recipes please


San Diego

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Luke Clayton Outdoors and Sportsmen Writer, Radio Host Goes National 

 Luke Clayton

"Be safe in the outdoors, folks."

                 Luke Clayton


We at SmokinTex are proud to have a relationship with Luke Clayton and congratulate him on his radio show going national on Interstate Sportsman Radio.


Luke is an avid hunter and fisherman who shares his 

enthusiasm and love of the outdoors.


The writer and radio show host uses his SmokinTex Model 1400 to smoke not only game but uses it to smoke meats like briskets, pork chops and fish too.


Even if you don't hunt and fish, Luke shows how to use and understand the basic operation of our smokers.     

In a recent newspaper article on Luke he talks about his outdoorsman's man cave. In the picture in the article you can get a glimps of his SmokinTex smoker on the lower left.


You can read about his man cave here.


An interesting video he provided on is for Smothered Venison Steak he cooked in his smoker.


See our Hunters/Sportsmen Section on our site for recipes, tips on curing hams, and smoking sausage from Luke.


Check out all Luke Clayton has to offer at



Smoked Turkey Breasts
Smoked a few turkey breasts last week and it was amazing.
Rubbed with McCormick's Montreal seasoning and some paprika, then smoked till 160F internal temperature.
The proof was in the eating.
    Smoked Turkey Breasts 2

Smoked Turkey Breasts
Posted on our SmokinTex Forums by member Sclisrael.
Thanks to all our Forum members for their contributions.
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