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American Hero General Chuck Yeager

 Chuck Yeager
                                                         Photo courtesy of General Chuck Yeager

"The fastest man alive," "the guy with the right stuff," "Mr. Supersonic," Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager has been called a lot of things in his 80 years, but none is more fitting than the title, "a true American." 

                 (quote from with permission)


General Chuck Yeager and his wife, Victoria, are regular visitors to our SmokinTex booth at the Dallas Safari Club Convention where we save our brisket ends for him.


He is truly an American hero and legend, and he is famous throughout the world.


Among his many contributions are:

     Fighter Ace

     First person to break the sound barrier in 1947

     First person to fly faster than MACH 2

     Author - Yeager: An Autobiography

                  Press on!


He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Ronald Reagan and many other distinguished medals and awards.


We, at SmokinTex, are honored to serve the General smoked brisket!



To learn more about this living American legend visit his website at 

Active Duty Military Discount  
All Star Award  
We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all
active duty military.
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SmokinTex supports our troops -- thank you for all you do!

Kick Butt Smoked Chicken Salad Recipe
A healthy sandwich that you'll actually want to eat! I made this last week from leftovers, and it was so good I threw in a couple of extra chicken breasts when I was smoking a pork tenderloin this weekend and made it again. It's so simple even I can make this. This is what you need:

2 large chicken breasts
1 apple (medium)
1 large stalk of celery
14 walnut halves
approx 2/3 cup Miracle Whip Light

1. Pull the skin back on the breast and rub with your favorite chicken rub. (I use the "simon and garfunkel rub" from meathead's site.)
2. Put the skin back over the flesh. Smoke at 225F (I use apple wood for chicken) until internal temp reaches 165F.
3. Let cool and remove the skin and separate meat from the bone.
4. Chop meat and add chopped celery, walnuts and apple.
5. Mix in Miracle Whip Light (start off with 1/2 cup and add more to desired taste).

6. Salt and pepper to taste.

Put between a couple slices of whole wheat bread and you have a great healthy sandwich. This is even better after it sits in the fridge overnight.


Posted on our SmokinTex Forums by member emj.
Edited for brevity.
Thanks to all our Forum members for their contributions.


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