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September 2011                                                       Volume IV, Issue IX


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Smoked Food


Kick off football season with these smoked foods smoked in one of our most popular Super Packages the SmokinTex S410

1400 w/ ribs

SmokinTex Model 1400

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  • 1 all-weather cover
  • 1 seafood grill
  • 1 wood chip tray insert
  • 2 2lb. bag wood chips (16-20 smokes)

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Buckeye Back Ribs Wins First Place
Buckeye Back Ribs First Place Win 2
Buckeye Back Ribs First Place Win

Food truck businesses are becoming very popular and are a way to offer different foods at various locations.


SmokinTex smokers are a great fit for these mobile food businesses and we are proud to have two smokers in Max McGarity's and Jake Szaraz's, Buckeye Back Ribs food truck.


After working at restaurants in central Ohio, Max and Jake, both 21, decided to start Buckeye Back Ribs.


Their mission:

At Buckeye Back Ribs, it's our goal to satisfy our customers with succulent ribs, introduce them to a variety of foods and to enrich them with a culinary experience that they will never forget.


Here is their testimonial they posted on our SmokinTex Forums:


Buckeye Back Ribs is a mobile food cart that opened three months ago. We own two fine smokers from SmokinTex (the 1500-CXLD and a 1500-C).


The first weekend in August we participated in the Canal Winchester Blues and Ribs festival in Ohio. The festival was a two day event hoping to draw 30,000 and hosted 12 other rib vendors.


At the festival we had a poor location that put us off the main strip of rib vendors. The first day of the event didn't go well for us. Everyone at the festival was on the main strip and we only saw a portion of the large crowd. We were hearing good things about our ribs from the few customers we were able to salvage.


The second day of the event was a different story. We sent out some employees to pass out samples. The word started to spread that we had the best ribs. This worked so well that we were able to draw the customers we needed to succeed. We were booming! We were able to produce over 300 slabs of ribs (some were precooked) and turn in our competition ribs in one day.


We ended up winning first place for best ribs (the trophy stands about 3.5 feet high)! My buddy and I have had this business for only three months and we sell out of ribs every time we set up.


The SmokinTex smokers help us produce some of the best ribs I have ever tasted. Our customers seem to think so as well. We were able to beat barbeque masters who have been smoking for years. I think these smokers have a lot to do with that success.


The smokers are very easy to transport, set-up, and clean.  They are extremely durable and very cost effective compared to others on the market. I have never had any problems with these smokers and they keep producing award winning ribs time after time.


Congratulations to Buckeye Back Ribs!

Visit the Buckeye Back Ribs website.

Buckeye Back Ribs Food Truck
Buckeye Back Ribs Food Truck

 Buckeye Facebook Page                          Buckeye Twitter

SmokinTex Supports JDRF


We support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
You can sign up in your state to participate in a JDRF Walk To Find a Cure.
For more information click here.
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active duty military.
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SmokinTex supports our troops -- thank you for all you do!
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