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 August 2011                                                                Volume IV, Issue VIII


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Heavy-Duty Cover 
 Jerky Dryer
Jerky Dryer

Jerky Dryer

 Makes great venison jerky.
It has a 12 volt exhaust fan
that draws the air from
 the bottom drip hole
up past the wood box
and thru the jerky, drying it. 
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Turkey Tray

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Use for smokin not only turkey but ham, chicken, veggies, and nuts too! 

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Model 1400

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Block Party 
Marinated Smoked Pork Butt
Marinated Smoked Pork Butt
Block parties are a blast. But when Marinted Smoked Pork Butt is served it becomes memorable!

Ken from Wisconsin
sent his recipes for his smoked pork butts and we're sure they were a hit with his neighbors.

He smoked four butts, two marinated, one Cuban style with Mojo Sauce, which he smoked with no wood and one for those who don't like garlic rubbed with a Kansas City style pork rub.

Ken writes,
"In the pictures you can see the two I did with a marinade sauce...this was a garlic and herb sauce and a lemon and pepper marinade. The only thing nearly as good with pork as garlic is lemon! I liberally rubbed them down with the marinades, injected a bit into each one and then let them rest in the fridge overnight to season up! To inject these you need an injector with LARGE holes; otherwise all the good stuff tends to clog up inside a smaller needle."
Here is how Ken smoked his pork butts:

2 small chunks hickory wood
2 small chunks cherry wood
4 hrs. at 175F temp

Kicked temp to 250F
Until reached internal temp of 170F

Total smoking time-16 hrs.


Why not have your own block party to show off your smokin skills!?
Thanks, Ken
Photos and recipes courtesy of Ken.

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