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February 2011

    Volume IV, Issue II  


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Featured Product 

Cold Smoke Plate

 Cold Smoke Plate 

#1101 - Price: $39.95

 #1401 - Price: $49.95 

#1501 - Price: $69.95

 Cold smoke salmon,

cheese, veggies

and more!

Another Great Testimonial
 Hi Guys!

I came back looking for the cold smoke plate. I  have told myself I should buy every year ...

I have owned the model 1400 for 6 years now. It is by far the BEST smoker I have ever owned and that includes water and offset cast iron smokers. The ease of use and flavor created by the smoker is amazing and the craftsmanship is top notch.

Those who know stainless

know that there are all different levels of stainless. I keep the smoker outdoors all spring, summer, and fall and there is NO pitting of the stainless.  It works like a charm every spring.

Anyone thinking of buying a

SmokinTex product Vs ANY other smoker shouldn't even hesitate. It's definitely worth every penny.
True "Set it and Forget it" smoking.

Everything cooked to perfection.
Thanks again for making a great product.

-Jon G.   

Featured Product 

Seafood Grill

 seafood grill 

#1102 - Price: $19.95

 #1402 - Price: $24.95

 #1502 - Price: $34.95

 Smoke fish, nuts,

cheese, veggies

and more!

Remote wireless thermometer

#5200 - Price: $39.95 

#5210 - Price: $49.95 

#5211 - Price: $79.95 

Use thermometers to

smoke/cook by


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How To Slice A Smoked Brisket 

How To Slice A Smoked Brisket
View our videos on YouTube
  See our own Scott Wallace show you how to properly slice a smoked brisket. Watch to the end to hear his special warming tip.

See all our SmokinTex Videos on our Video Section. You can still see our video on how to smoke a turkey too.
Smoked Crappie Fillets Recipe

Desired number of crappie fillets

Fillet crappie and leave skin on



1/2 cup salt

1 cup white sugar


Put fillets in container with brine overnight in fridge

Rinse flillets and pat dry

Put on racks meat side up, brush with honey

Smoke at 225F for 1 hour

Smoke with 2 oz. apple wood or hickory


Marshall P.



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Spotlight on Big Al 

Big Al

Alan (Big Al) Vogel has been cooking for family, friends and clients for 35 years.  A native Texan, and former NFL player, his style of BBQing is old, road-side Texas BBQ.  His family has been in the Texas cattle business since the late 1800s. Big Al raises Registered Texas Longhorns so his knowledge of beef is extensive. He also speaks to schools about sports and its relation to education. 

Al says his first memory of eating BBQ was, "Dad cooking BBQ in the backyard and the little places we would stop at when I would ride with him to make his sales calls.  I learned how to cook from him and from those little side-of-the-road places."

When asked about his smoking/cooking background he says, "Friends and former NFL players all over the nation would always ask me to send them my special rubs and seasonings, which I did without question, using only the best ingredients. One day, my wife asked if I realized how much I was spending per month on my 'bum friends.' Turns out it was enough to make a business out of so that's what I did!"

After BBQ, hunting and fishing are Big Al's passions.  "I am an Active Lifetime Member of The Dallas Safari Club.  Starting in February, I will have a food show on KAAM 770 AM in Dallas. It will be called 'Big Al's Taste of Texas.' It will be a show that will cover the Texas food scene and we'll have feature interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, and celebrities.  It will be packed with food tips, audience call-ins, Texas lore, and up-coming food festivals.  I am proud to say that SmokinTex will be one of my sponsors."

His line of all natural Big Al's Texas BBQ Rubs and Seasonings are sold on his website, at Big Al's Texas Rubs.  Al says he caters to "Anyone who wants to taste the Texas BBQ soul with all-natural ingredients! Regarding on-site catering, I mainly cater to corporations for sales meetings and appreciation dinners. I have also have done a lot of custom BBQing where I just make the meat and beans."

Take a look his great site and Big Al's Blog where he talks about using his SmokinTex smoker.  

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