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October 2010

    Volume III, Issue VIII 

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Free Turkey Tray with Purchase of an S400, 1400 or 1500 Smoker!
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Model 1500
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Get a great deal when you buy an S400 Gourmet Package, Model 1400 or 1500 smoker.
We will automatically include a turkey tray in plenty of time for your Thanksgiving meal.

Order online at  or call us at 888-922-1511.
Thanksgiving Recipes 
Smoked Turkey                 
Send us your favorite Thanksgiving recipes. We would like to hear from you you about any great recipes, tips or traditions you would like to share.
Send us a side dish or main course or even a dessert.

SmokinTex is collecting recipes for our upcoming SmokinTex Recipe Book and November newsletter in time for you to try them out for your Thanksgiving feast.
Everyone loves to try new recipes so please send us your family's finest!

Send recipes to

SmokinTex Forums
Our SmokinTex Forums have valuable information and great recipes and smokin tips. Our contributors have enlightened us on a variety of topics.
You can use the search tool for specific keywords like turkey and you will see some awesome folks ask and answer all things turkey.
See what they said here and here.

There is much discussion about smoked turkey legs you can try here.

Or on the Smokin Photos Forum see what our customers have smoked and check out this great outdoor kitchen with a SmokinTex Model 1400 built in on a slide-out shelf posted by Mad Dog.

If you don't like smokin the whole turkey but just want to smoke turkey breasts, use this tip from our great customer Charles B.

Charles says to wrap the breasts in vegetable oil dipped cheesecloth.

Wring out the cloth, wrap breasts and place in the smoker.
We suggest you smoke at 225F for 45 minutes per pound.
And as always with turkey, use a temperature probe and smoke to an internal temp of 165F to 170F. 

This method keeps the moisture in and the turkey breasts are nice and juicy. And you still get that great smoke flavor we all love.

What an awesome tip!

Thanks Charles!
Slow Cooked Tropical Ham Recipe
Smoked Ham
This is an awesome addition to any meal and if ya don't like turkey, ham makes a great Thanksgiving alternative.
Thanks to Wild Smoke who posted this great recipe on our SmokinTex Forums!

This is the best ham you will ever eat. It is slow cooked with tropical fruit and it will fall apart when ready to eat. No more old salty dry ham ever again. OK, here is how we do it.

Take a ham like you get at your local grocery store already smoked and cured. Place it in a turkey roaster bag. Then take one can of Dole Tropical Fruit and pour over the ham. Now seal the bag up and place in your SmokinTex.

Now set the temp for 200F for a nice, long, slow cook. The internal temp should be165F when done.
Remove the ham and let rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

Remove the ham from the bag and place on large serving platter. Spoon the fruit along side the ham. Now dig in and eat!!!!!!!
You will go wild over this ham.

1 Ham already smoked and cured
1 15.25 oz of Dole tropical fruit
1 Turkey Roasting Bag

There you have it, folks! A simple but great way to fix your next ham.
Wild Smoke
Active Duty Military Discount  
All Star Award 
We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all active duty military.

You must call 888-922-1511 to receive this offer.
SmokinTex supports our troops --
thank you for all you do!
If you have any questions, tips, or recipes check out
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