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May 2010

    Volume III, Issue V  



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Father's Day
June 20th 
 SmokinTex Gourmet Package S100
Gourmet Package
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Pulled Pork ala SmokinTex 
Chef Sandy's Pulled Pork
4# boneless pork shoulder
 (I used 2 pieces, one 1.5# and one about 2.5#)



1 cup soy sauce

1 whole onion, sliced

1 half lemon

2 tbsp. SuckleBusters Chipotle and Mustard Pepper Sauce (to taste)



3 Tbsp SuckleBusters Texas Gold Dust (or more)

1 Tbsp Kosher Salt

1 Tbsp Sugar (Demerara or Brown would be great!)


For all marinades, you need a little salty liquid and some acid.  I choose to use soy sauce for my "salt"- this is my go-to marinade ingredient.  Slice the onion and place in a zip-top bag large enough to hold the meat.  Crush the onion a little with the back of your hand to release the juices.  Add the soy sauce, the hot sauce, the lemon, squeezed - I just throw the whole thing in.  Add the meat, seal the bag and distribute the marinade all around the meat. Seal the bag, getting out as much air as possible - this will help the marinade stay in contact with the meat. Refrigerate overnight, or as long as possible, up to 2 days.


1 hour before you are ready to start smoking, take the meat out of the refrigerator and out of the marinade.  Discard the marinade.  Dry the meat with paper towels, and then rub generously with dry rub mixture.  Do not trim the meat - this is a fatty piece of meat, but this will keep the meat basted during smoking.


Put the meat in your SmokinTex smoker with about 2 oz. of your favorite wood - 1-2 small chunks.  Place your digital thermometer in the fattest part of the meat.  Set the smoker to 225.  Let the meat smoke undisturbed, for 8-9 hours, or until the thermometer reads 180.


Remove the meat from the smoker, and after slight cooling, separate the deliciously tender meat into chunks with a fork - it should be very easy to separate the meat from the fat at this point.


This delicious pork can be enjoyed with your favorite barbeque sauce, or can also be enjoyed as carnitas, with beans and tortillas and your favorite Mexican food fixins'!



Oven-Dried Smoked Tomatoes


Chef Sandy's Smoked Tomatoes 

These slightly smoky tomatoes still have beautiful color and a tomato-y flavor, and will allow you to enjoy your summer tomatoes all year around.  They have an intense and sweet, slightly smoky flavor.  The key to this recipe is to really limit the smoke - you don't want your tomatoes to get blackened from too much smoke.  They really pick up the flavor quickly.


Juicy vine-ripened tomatoes

Salt and Pepper, to taste


Quarter your tomatoes and season with salt and pepper, if desired.  Place the quartered tomatoes on the fish rack of your smoker (they will shrink up tremendously).  Add just a small piece of wood, and allow the tomatoes to smoke at 225 for 20 minutes.  Using pot holders, remove the smoke box from the smoker. Continue the tomatoes for another hour at 225, then turn the heat off.


Use your jerky dryer attachment for the SmokinTex for 8 hours, or until your tomatoes are dry enough for your liking.  Most people go for a raisin consistency, not dry like beef jerky.


If they are not totally dry, please store them in your fridge or freezer to prevent them from getting moldy.

SmokinChef Sandy

Remember Veterans on Memorial Day  
All Star AwardAs we sit around our tables this coming Memorial weekend, let's all remember our veterans and all active duty military. We can honor them by talking to our children about what they do for us day in and day out and how they teach by example.
We have witnessed the kindness of strangers towards our servicemen in airports and in particular a fast food restaurant where a gentleman bought a soldier's meal. And he was proud to do it!
We are so lucky to enjoy the freedoms they have aforded us and what better way for SmokinTex to honor them but with a very special deal to all current active duty military.
We are offering 20% off on any SmokinTex smoker.
You must call 888-922-1511 to receive this offer.
This special ends 7-4-2010.   
We are proud to display our flag on this Memorial Day and hope you have a restful, peaceful day while our military continues to do a fine job of protecting our great nation.
As we speak, our commercial SmokinTex smokers are serving up fine smoked food to our military on both U.S.coasts at Coast Guard bases and in various other military bases around the world, including most recently Okinawa.  
Father's Day June 20th
SmokinTex has already received orders for smokers for Father's Day.
We have been asked to ship them to neighbors' addresses so the dads are surprised -- and we are glad to accommodate.
Take a look at our website and look for our current specials at the top of our home page and take advantage of these great deals!
Send him a great gift of an 1100, or the complete package, our Gourmet Sous Chef.
If Dad is really into entertaining large groups or chuch groups, order a 1400 model or our largest residential smoker a 1500 series.
Take advantage of these great deals and make this the best Father's Day ever! 
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If you have any questions, tips, or recipes check out our SmokinTex Forum, SmokinTex Blog, Web site or just give us a call at 888-922-1511