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March 2010

    Volume III, Issue III  

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SmokinTex Pro Series
Smoked Roasted Duckling
Something different for your Easter meal!
5 - 6lb. duck
1 apple, cut in eight pieces
salt and pepper
Prepare duck for roasting:
   trim wings, neck and tail
Season cavity with salt and pepper and stuff with apples.
Place in 225 degrees F for 2-1/2 hours using 2 chunks of apple wood.
Remove cavity contents and allow to cool.
Cut duck in half.
Carefully remove all bones except wing and leg bones.
Remove all excess fat.
Re-heat in 400 degrees F broiler oven to crisp skin.
Enjoy and Happy Easter!
Helpful Smoker Hints 
  • Make sure there is no debris around the temperature sensor.
  • Seasoned smokers add flavor so don't clean the interior except for grease and empty out the wood box.
  • Place a cork in the smoke hole when not in use to keep critters and debris out.
  • Keep drain hole free of debris so grease can drain.
  • Use only dry wood in your SmokinTex smoker and never soak wood chunks, chips or pellets.
  • Keep smoker dry and when not in use keep it covered.
  • Use a double layer of aluminun foil on the wood box and bottom of smoker for easy clean up.
       You can find more tips and smoker maintainence on our           SmokinTex Blog
If you have any questions, tips, or recipes check out our SmokinTex Forum, SmokinTex Blog, Web site or just give us a call at 888-922-1511