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March 2009

Volume II, Issue II

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SmokinTex 1500
Apple Wood Smoked
Pork Loin
This pork loin was smoked in our Model 1100 smoker over a small of amount of SmokinTex apple wood.  This gives the pork a delicate flavor.
The pork loin separated into two pieces and was rubbed with a BBQ rub of paprika, salt, pepper, brown sugar and garlic powder and set in the refrigerator for 2.5 hours.
We set the temperature at 220F degrees and smoked it for 2 hours until our dual probe thermometer inserted in the two pieces of pork reached 170F degrees. Of course, a larger cut of pork loin would require more time to reach 170F degrees.
Let it sit a few minutes before slicing or you can wrap it in foil and return it to your smoker (off) while you prepare the rest of your dinner.
For our meal we added red potatoes that we punched holes in with a a fork and microwaved until soft. Then in a frying pan, we added butter, yes, real butter, sprinkled in dried parsley flakes, minced dried onions, salt and pepper. Lightly fry them up and they are soooo good!
If you need gravy for your pork loin and are in a hurry, a little packet of brown gravy mix added to one can of beef broth works just fine. Bring to a boil then reduce to your liking.
Have a little salad so you can say you did.
And there you go--a fabulous meal that your people will rave about!
Happy Smokin'!
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