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What to say? 2011. I've had a great year. I turned 50 with a slew of wonderful parties. I attended more music/art/dance festivals than ever in my life. I've had a part-time job for the past 7 months that has been interesting and has helped pay the bills. I've learned more about personal finance this year than in the rest of my life put together thanks to my friend, Ken Carraro and a series of talks he gave at our house.


This year with friends I started a community garden which has thrived and provided us with food and a beautiful place to be. I look forward to 2012 in the Birthday Garden and imagine that it will blossom even more.

Albert & Eecole

It's been a great year with my partner, Eecole, as well. We've traveled to Las Vegas, Vancouver, BC, the East Coast and in our daily lives - supporting one another, loving each other and filling our days with love, laughter and lots of smoothies.


Albertideation has also done well this year - my consulting business where I teach classes and meet with clients one-on-one to help them with social networking and email marketing. I'm thrilled lately to be working with Friends of Trees to help them improve their Facebook presence with a new Facebook fan page landing tab and other goodies. Also, we'll plant trees in Irvington on 3.10.12 - please join in!


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It's also been a challenging year in some ways. I've lost some of my favorite people - teachers, elders and wise ones. In the last period of time my good friends Jamshed, Roberto Maestas, Greg Tropea (The Philosopher) and Amira have all left my side. I'm glad to have spent time with each of them and savor their wisdom and brilliance regularly. And, I think each of them would counsel me/us to keep on truckin. To keep on living, thriving, planting, loving, dancing, learning, growing, leading and being our biggest, greatest selves. Mainly, they'd remind us to keep laughing


I am grateful for so much. For my health. For a supportive family. A beautiful and caring partner. A great new housemate, Michele - and wonderful upstairs neighbors - Eleanor, Eric, Felix and Genevieve (they're looking for a new housemate, btw!)  For warmth on this chilly December afternoon. For the chance to keep playing on the game board of life. And, I couldn't do it without you. The world would be a less interesting and fun place without your presence.


So, for you I wish a fantastic holiday season, good cheer, great company, and inspiration to become your best self.


Finally, a special thank you to the Occupy movement. To the men and women who are standing up for justice, equality and change to business as usual. To everyone who has attended a rally, written a letter to the editor in support, donated money, or even struck up a conversation about this movement - thank you. Change doesn't come easily - especially good change. What the Occupy movement is about seems to me to be asking for a better life for all.  Yes, it can inconvenience the daily commute; yes, it can be loud and in your face; yes, it's not perfect - there is no one answer, as there is not one right question - but my belief is that the general direction that the Occupy Movement is asking people and corporations and our governments to move in is the right one - and for taking the stands and asking the questions they are asking, I salute all who are involved in any way with the Occupy Movement. 


Thank you Occupiers!


Here's to a kick-ass holiday season, new year and a "guten-rutch" into 2012!


Hasta Luego,


Albert Kaufman

Activism-wise it's also been a great year with movement on getting rid of phonebooks; the creation of a new "get off your mobile device-oriented game"; a start to a new idea I've had called Farm My Yard! another great year for my sunflower seed project; a great tree planting in March 2011; supporting Undriving to visit Portland at one of our Portland Sunday Parkways; and a local screening of two population-growth related films; and much more!
callCall to action: As John Seager, the President of Population Connection said in his visit this week: "If you want to do one good thing - support your local Planned Parenthood." I agree and encourage you to donate to them and support them in any way possible.  Thanks.

The Philosopher
Greg Tropea, The Philosopher
Roberto Maestas

Candleholders to Hong Kong
Wileyware - new candleholders - life wouldn't be the same without Wileyware and my friendship with the amazing Marcia Wiley! Here's to all of the artists who make life so much more interesting and colorful!