On Behalf of Steve Bennett from his friends and family:
Steve Bennett

Hi, we're writing to you again on behalf of Steve Bennet. Please share this message with Steve's friends.

We've learned that some people are having trouble donating to Steve via the Cancer Center, and have come up with some other avenues which should make it easier.  Plus, we'd like to give you Steve's address if you'd like to contribute to him directly, or send a card.

We are also planning A BENEFIT CONCERT for Steve in Portland on 12.11.10 @ the Unitarian Church featuring Jaya Lakshmi, Lewis Childs and other local artists who are donating their time and artistry to support Steve.  Please plan on coming and help us spread the word.

Our friend, Steve Bennett, has cancer.  Steve has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments for the past month and a half and has been weathering it well.  As a result of having taken time off from work to deal with these health issues, and having taken a substantial hit during the recent financial crisis, Steve could really use our help right now.

That's why we're writing to you today.  Friends help each other out when they're really needed.  And that time for Steve is now.  If you've got the means to help out, here's an address to make a contribution to him right now.

To make a donation to Steve please click here.  Or, see the other ways to donate on the right.

Make sure to enter the name Steve Bennett and account number
 237930 and the online payment will be credited to his account.

Steve Bennett

Here is some information on the cost of cancer.  In Steve's case, he has health insurance, but his insurance company is closing down and so he'll have to get new health insurance with a new provider with pre-existing health issues. You can imagine what a hurdle that might present.

Steve is one of the most inspiring people I (Albert) know - I love hanging out with him.  His knowledge is vast, and his thoughts are upbeat and helpful. Through helping Steve, I've come into contact with his friends and family who are incredibly impressive, kind and helpful.  I believe that his network contains many other fine people, and I'm hoping you're one of them.  People who can step up to the plate and find that $1, $5 or $10,000 hiding amongst the couch cushions.  

And if it's a lesser amount that you have to offer, or one that could be contributed monthly via an automatic monthly payment option, Steve will be happy to receive. No amount is too big or too small!

If you don't have the cash, perhaps there's something you've been meaning to sell for a while and just haven't made the effort.  

Thanks for reading and for caring.  If you have something to contribute, please get in touch by contacting Steve directly, joining our Helping Hands website to follow his progress and support him in ways he's asked for help (currently that's cooking food for him), or reply back to this email and we'll make sure that whatever you have to give is received.   

If you know friends of Steve's who may not have received this email, please forward this to them.



Friends and Family of Steve Bennett

To make a donation to Steve please click here.

"I am the wind that blows across the
I am a wave of the deep, 
I am the roar of the ocean, 
I am a hawk on a cliff, 
I am a salmon in a river, 
I am the greenest of plants, 
I am a lake on a plain, 
I am a drop of rain in a shower,
I am the one who kindles fire in the head."

--Amergin, Irish shaman-poet
Steve Bennett
To donate to Steve, click here

Make sure to enter the name Steve Bennett and account number 237930 and the online payment will be credited to his account.

Write to Steve @
915 SE 31st Ave
Portland, OR 9714

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution via Paypal at this address:
This is a secure website that accepts payments through Paypal and it is also a registered 501c(3). They will email you a receipt after you donate for your taxes. Simply click on the link above, enter "Steve Bennett" in the name field and then click the "donate" button. The money will go into a separate bank account that goes directly to him
(Albert: I tested this, works fine).

Brittany Bennett, Steve's daughter, is also interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help - please call her @ 480-251-4718 or
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The lovely Stacy Kalstrom has so very graciously offered us 100%  of the proceeds from her tie-dye sock sales for my Dad's treatment. Amazing!!!

Here is the link to her website: