Happy Summer!

Thanks for receiving my monthly e-letter, The Eleven.  Welcome new subscribers and old friends.  Since I wrote last in June, I've spent a weekend @ Breitenbush's Summer Solstice Healing Retreat and just had a great long weekend with friends @ The Wileyware HQ @ The Oregon Country Fair!  Also, I decided to hold off on sending out this month's The Eleven until I had finalized plans for Our Community University which will take place (Class 1) at my house this Thursday, July 22nd.  More information below! 


The main things I've been working on lately: transitioning from a cellphone to a landline - bottom line?  I love it!!  Also, I'm working to bring the good folks @ Undriving who I met at this year's Seattle Green Festival to our September Sunday Bike Parkways

I think I'm also going to take on being the neighborhood coordinator for our tree planting in the Irvington neighborhood for next Spring.  This is done through coordination with Friends of Trees which is a great local organization that hopes to plant over 5,000 trees in Portland this year. 

We finally got a change from Junuary, and things have been warm and sunny for a couple weeks.  Today was dreamy.  I'm looking forward to a family gathering in Colorado this Summer as well as the Beloved Festival in August.  And now, without further ado, something I've been wanting to do for a couple years: Our Community University!

Our Community University: Thriving in a Changing World

In the spirit of sharing our creative energy and knowledge with one another. I have gathered together with David Franklin, Michele Brooks, and Noelani Rodriguez to bring you part one of Our Community University.  We all have interesting and important skills to share and I intend to create a series of gatherings for that purpose.  Since many of us have daytime hours free it makes sense to use that time to learn, compare notes, network, and grow ourselves and get better at what we do.  Here is the first offering.  I hope you will join us.  If you're not able to come, please pass this invitation along to others who might benefit from 4 hours  of interesting information-sharing, networking and skill-building.  Also, if you'd like to become a presenter in this series, please let me know.  Here's to our emotional, spiritual, and mental growth and thriving, in a changing world!

Day 1
Thursday, July 22nd, 10am-3pm (1 hour for lunch)
Cost: $10 per class or $35 for all 4. (come for one talk or all four) (checks and cash accepted)
Location: 1823 NE 13th Ave. (close to the 8, 9 bus and Red and Blue Max lines) (just north of the Lloyd Center, parking is easy)
Wi-Fi available
Tea available
Please RSVP to

Class 1: 10am-11am Albert Kaufman: Albertideation: The Who What Where When How and Why of using Social Networking and Email marketing to promote yourself, your ideas and your business.

Class 2: 11am-12pm  Michele Brooks: The life and times of an economic refugee or how to make money in South Korea.

Michele Brooks
Michele Brooks

Lunch: 12-1p

Class 3: 1-2pm: David Franklin: Radical Presence: Creating Authentic Community in the Midst of Global Change

David Franklin
David Franklin

Class 4: 2-3pm  Noelani Rodriguez: The Quickest Way to Double Your Sales

Noelani Rodriguez
Noelani Rodriguez

The Sun is here @ OCF

It's summertime.  Celebrate.  Get outside!  Summer is short, make the best of it by getting on your bike and gardening, hiking, making music around campfires and enjoying warmer temperatures!  I'd love to see you at our Community University if you can make it this Thursday.  And, I'm interested in hearing what great things you're up to to make your neighborhood a better place to live and your community more wonderful. 


Albert Kaufman
Albertideation tiny
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