Albert on Earth Day

Hi there, and welcome to my birthday edition of The Eleven. My monthly e-letter where I share the latest and greatest thinking I've got to offer and point you to fun things to do, read and try out, with an activist option from the menu of life.  And this month's offering is going to be packed well with some really fun and interesting things so I hope you'll take a moment and read on. 

I'm turning 49 today, May 11th!  And to celebrate I'm having people over for a voting party @home @7 (address below) - bring your ballot and a healthy, local, organic, grass-fed, horomone-free, potluck item that starts with the first letter of your last name, and we'll try to figure out who to vote for and why. There are a couple of races in this year's primary that are really quite interesting.  Ballots are due in by May 18th!

This morning I got some nice confirmation about activism and its link to happiness.  One of my favorite magaizines, YES! Magazine, has an on-line article where they link increased levels of political participation and happiness.  Have a look

In honor of this article, I decided to push one of my wishes a little further along by starting a FB cause "Billboard Free Oregon".  I'm bothered by billboards, and have written a bit about this here.  And, I think Oregon is ready to go billboard free.  If you agree, or just want to tag along, please join the cause and we'll see how fast we can make this change. Scenic America is the group at the forefront of this movement.

My new friend, Dave Gardner, the director of Growthbusters visited recently and filmed interviews @ my house.  This month's action request is to visit Dave's website, learn about the film, sign up for his email list, and consider supporting the film.  Many hands make light work, and this film will be big, necessary and important.
Inviting Desire:
Pleasure. Permission. Possibility
get your tickets now!
Inviting Desire

Speaking of effecting change, my good friend, Eleanor O'Brien has created a show called Inviting Desire: Pleasure. Permission. Possibility...  which opens this Friday, May 14th and runs for 4 weeks.  I saw Inviting Desire 1.0 last year and I will never forget it.  Eleanor and her cast write the scenes about womens' fantasies themselves and the result is the most edgy, inspiring, and exciting theater I've ever seen.  You can get your tickets here, and chat with other theater-goers here before, during and after the run of the show.  Do not miss Inviting Desire, nuff said!
Healing the Planet

Life continues to amaze me.  From the drama of the gulf oil disaster to a continuing awareness of our other impacts on the planet via a variety of inputs - I'm fluctuating a lot of the time between discouragement that we can ever hope to continue living on this planet as a species - with a balance of living an incredibly rich and productive life filled with incredible friends, warm community, delicious food and a lot of ecstatic dance.  Abundance.  Thank you mother earth.  Dance set from yesterday's Sacred Circle Dance here

AK in PV

I made a pact with God a number of years ago in the desert.  His (felt like a he to me) "words" to me were something on the order of: "get on with it, already".  He seemed to think I had an ability to care for the planet and encouraged me to get busy.  And that message has come through other times loud and clear - usually while facing the sunset on the Black Rock desert.  I think it's part of the reason I go 2 Burning Man - to get recharged and to hear a great big voice in the desert.  And, I'm doing my best to fulfill my part, and I know I could do better.  Which is partly why I've started working with a personal coach.  I can use a hand with focus, and follow-through.  And possibly other things. 

I've had an idea for an invention to help plant more trees quickly. Contact me if you'd like to help me make this happen - or steal the idea and make millions (while increasing the amount of oxygen on the planet) on your new patent! 

Thanks for reading along and for your love and support.  I appreciate you and all that you do each day to make this world better.


Albert Kaufman
Albert and Eecole @ the beach, Trinidad, CA
Albert and Eecole

Community Resources

Do you need a wonderful musician for an upcoming wedding, house concert or fundraiser in the Pacific Northwest?  Look no further.  My friend, Hans Barklis, has it all - interesting songs - jazz, Brazilian music, originals, and he can create an ensemble to bring the tempo up a bit, too.  Hans is a great guy and an incredible talent.  I highly recommend him for your next event featuring live music. 

My friend Gretta has a beach house in Netarts, OR.  Eecole and I have stayed there a number of times and love it. It's quiet, beautiful and near some wonderful bays and beaches.  Here are the details: 3 bdr/2 ba; no pets, no smoke, $100-$160/night depending on # of people. 8 person max occupancy, not on open rental market. Contact Gretta Siegel for more information.
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