Friends and family edition
Hello Friend,

Welcome to this month's special edition of The Eleven!  The past month has been a busy one for me - continuing to unpack and get my home in order; a great visit from my Brother Dan and a group trip to the beach; and some beautiful Fall weather here in Portland.  I've spent a lot of time this past month helping friends with their projects and have some upcoming events I'd like to tell you about.  Also, I had a lot of responses to October's The Eleven and those are located here for anyone who would like to read the feedback about car alarm disarming and the D-word.

My ideation, promotional and social networking skills are available.  If you have a business, idea or product that needs a boost, let's talk!
Register to Vote November's suggested Action
If you have moved recently, it's time to register to vote and remind your friends to, too.  In January there is a special election in Oregon (and perhaps elsewhere) to decide tax issues which are extremely important and deserve your attention.  Thanks for taking the time to weigh in on Measures 66 and 67.
Rise Up Singing Let there be songs to fill the air!
I will be playing a singalong show in Seattle this Saturday, November 14th at 7pm @ OmCulture. If you live in Seattle I'd love to see you! Also, if you have friends who live in Seattle, please send them to this show - singing together is a delight and this evening promises to be a great time!
Details here!  Bring a copy of Rise Up Singing, if you have one.
Hannukah Party 12/11
I've been dreaming of having a community potluck for years. The stars have aligned and on December 11th, we'll eat, drink, be merry, and light the first candles of Hannukah together.
Details: Wilshire United Methodist Church & Native American Fellowship, 3917 NE Shaver, 6-10. Potluck & music (contact me if you'd like to perform - poetry, music, dance, performance...).
Staying Healthy
During our long, drawn out discussion of healthcare reform in the U.S., it's a good time to remind ourselves to stay healthy.  My new favorite healthcare practitioner is Tao Shiatsu specialist, Spyder Carneol.  Spyder's work is deep and conscious and is some of the best bodywork I've ever received.  My directory of healthcare folks I recommend is here. The best health insurance is taking good care of ourselves: eating well, getting enough rest, and exersize and getting treatment before things get bad.
4 glasses
Both because I love her, and because her glassware is scintillating and fun, this month I want to mention Marcia Wiley's
Wileyware.  I've been drinking from Wileyware for the past couple of years and there's really nothing like it.  the next time you want to treat yourself to something delicious and/or you know someone who is getting married, indulge in this glassware.  It's one of those pleasures that changes your life and shifts your perspective in a good way, repeatedly. 

Have a great Autumn and I hope to be connecting with you soon!


Albert Kaufman
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Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity.  Other authors believe it is an auspicious sign, and others that it signals a spirit presence.

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