Hooked on Growth: New film on critical global issues

If you found a project that addressed the root cause of the world's most urgent issues (peak energy, peak food, peak water, climate change, biodiversity loss), would you help make it happen?

Well, I've discovered such a project: Hooked on Growth, a non-profit documentary examining our society's worship of growth everlasting. It explores the biggest issue of our time: What are the addictions and myths we must leave behind, and what are the values we need to embrace, in order to become a sustainable civilization?

AK in PVWe've all seen great documentaries over the past few years. Hooked on Growth takes the next step, and does it in an entertaining, provocative way. It's a pull-no-punches look in the mirror that will attract mainstream attention in a way few of those films have.

I invite you to see for yourself. View an exclusive preview and discussion with the filmmaker at:

Link: http://vimeo.com/6648857
You can also see a trailer at GrowthBusters.com

Once you've seen the preview, I'm sure you'll agree we need to support this project. We can do that by helping build the film's grass roots support network. A large e-mail list is essential to organizing viewing parties and community screenings when the film is complete in 2010. Let your members, contacts and other organizations know about this project and encourage them to join the GrowthBusters e-mail list now. Feel free to share the links above.

It's easy to put a blurb or a complete story into your next email, blog, tweet or newsletter, using the photos, graphics, video, social networking links and suggested copy you'll find right here. Please also consider a link from your website and also promoting this project on your social network sites.

If possible, please let me know about your efforts to promote the film. If you want to do more, call the filmmaker, Dave Gardner @ 719-576-5565 or drop Dave an email @ dave@growthbusters.com. Some groups have held fundraisers for the project and even invited Dave to speak and screen clips from the film.

Contributions are always welcome (AND VERY MUCH NEEDED), of course. Hooked on Growth is attracting volunteers and contributors from around the world.

And be sure you personally:

Join the e-mail list
Fan GrowthBusters on Facebook
Follow GrowthBusters on Twitter
Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution

I'm very excited about this film. That's why I've volunteered to help spread the word. I hope you'll join me. We need Hooked on Growth to help us shift to a new, sustainable paradigm.


Albert Kaufman
Portland, Oregon