The Eleven - August 2009
Hello, and welcome to my e-letter, The Eleven, which comes out monthly - where I share thoughts, news and pictures from my life.

So far I've had a great summer - one great festival (Beloved); a 9-day long Rebirthing retreat in Sierraville, CA; moved my digs from SuCasa to Copen-Hagen; and my 30th High School reunion and a family reunion sandwiched a week-long visit to our cabin, Camp Smiley, in Sumneytown, PA.

During the summer I've also taken time to do some local activism on issues such as grass-seed farming, protecting our Oregon state forests, creating an opt-in system for telephone books, and population growth and have been supporting some friends in need.

The most interesting thing I have come across recently, is Leonard Orr's work on rebirthing.  Orr uses the elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire (and many other tools such as positive affirmations) to help himself and others achieve longevity.  I'm in the early stages of learning how these elements help heal us, but if used wisely, I have a feeling they can add years to our lives, and make them much richer.  One thing I'm getting clearer on is the usefulness of Fire.  If you would like to try something interesting

purification fire @ Camp Smiley

Make a small fire in a secluded place and sit quietly in front of the fire for as long a time as you can muster (alone).  Leonard also recommends bathing first, and also fasting while you're by the fire.  Try this and let me know what you find out.  Fire has things to teach us and I'm trying to make a fire as often as possible to learn from it.  At the end of this e-mail I have included an article that Leonard has written which explains why this is useful as well as a long list of affirmations.

And speaking of Fire, it's about time to head to the desert again for my 10th visit to Burning Man.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how best to shift our planet towards a more sustainable path, and my intention this year is to brainstorm with other burners on this question.  Burning Man attracts some of the finest minds I've ever come across - people who are smart in a wide variety of disciplines and the cauldron of the desert heat makes for a perfect place for exciting thinking and collaboration - my favorite!  There is no email or telephone service in the Black Rock Desert, so....

If you'd like to reach me during this time, please write me @:

Camp Elsewhere
7:11 & Inherit Street
Burning Man
Black Rock City, NV 89412

Yes, we have a postal system (BRCPO) at Burning Man, and it works quite well. Also, if you'd like some mail from Burning Man, please feel free to send me your address (quick-like!)

I hope your summer is going well and that you are thriving!


Albert Kaufman

Albert @ Beloved
 PS - this photo was taken by Raku Loren, a great photographer and friend

The Truth About Immortal Yogi Masters
by Leonard Orr

     There are many immortal yogis in this world.  I have met only eight of them, but I plan to meet a lot more because they are the most interesting people on the planet. We can all become immortal yogis and experience the Eternal Life of Spirit, Mind, and Body. 
     The main thing I have learned from them is that mastering the mind and body is easier than running a successful business or raising children through college. And it takes the same kind of focus and discipline.  Now is the easiest time to become immortal.
     After watching people work with this idea of physical immortality for almost 50 years, I have noticed that we seem to have two alternatives.
     One, we can wait until our parents die and deal with the full force of the unconscious death urge in our family traditions and struggle with it then.  Then may be too late.
     Or two, we can integrate the affirmations, philosophies, and personal spiritual purification practices that are known to bring success to people with this goal.  These ideas expand the pleasure of human existence infinitely and bring personal mastery of mind and body.
     However, we have to master each idea by extensive meditation on each one until it is fully integrated into our consciousness.  This can be done by autosuggestion and conscious reasoning with the emotional response technique.  Do it now that it has your attention.
     Specifically, write a page of each affirmation every day for 21 days.  As you move down the page with the affirmation, write out all the thoughts and feelings that the affirmation stimulates.  Then transform any negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  This is, at least, a 3-year course.  If you do it with these high quality ideas you will be glad that you did.
     This accomplishment will be more valuable than a college degree or a PhD.
     In addition to this, we must master a conscious relationship to earth, air, water and fire.  These are the basic elements of the physical body and the physical universe.  They are forever interpenetrating each other in an intelligent way.
     Basic spiritual purification practices clean and balance the Energy Body which intelligently creates and maintains the physical body as well as keeps the mind in peace and bliss.
     A good vegetarian diet, regular fasting, and a personal exercise program are basic earth spiritual purification practices.  Fasting is very healing and powerful.
     Learning Conscious Breathing from a good Rb Breathworker gives most people mastery of air purification.  Intuitive Energy Breathing is a powerful and simple healing tool.
     Bathing twice per day and being careful about the quality of our drinking water are basic water purification practices.  We can soak away our pains, diseases, and troubles.
     Sitting regularly- even daily with an open flame also cleans and balances the energy body.  Fire can dissolve extra inches off the waistline as it cleans the solar plexus.  And fire can heal the death urge and other persistent negative emotions.  Fire is very magical.
     Spiritual purification is simple and actually pleasurable.  It is the only way that I have experienced that renews our Life Energy in a way that can yield a practical experience of Eternal Life.  It is the secret of the immortal yogis.  We have to deal successfully and harmoniously with our mind and our relationships.  However, a practical knowledge of our Energy Body seems to be the missing factor in all branches of religion as well as science.  The affirmations are all wholesome ideas for the purpose of building a healthy mind and body.
     Physical immortality cannot be achieved in the sense that immortality never ends.  Body-Mind rejuvenation and renewal can be achieved, and it is an eternal process of becoming more and more alive and able.  This is our natural birthright as children of God.
     The results of the spiritual purification practices and philosophy embodied in the affirmations, and healing the death urge can be measured both objectively and subjectively.
     This is the best time in human history to achieve personal practical mastery.  We are entering the Age of Truth when everyone will take responsibility for themselves, their enlightenment, and our quality of Life.
     The Energy Body is invincible.  It can even survive death.
     Most people die at home, not because their home is unsafe, but because their mind is unsafe.  They die or kill themselves wherever they are.  Everyone creates their own death.
     An unsafe mind is one that contains the unconscious death urge.  It will remain unsafe until the unconscious death urge is made conscious and released.  This seems to take a good deal of  mental work.  We can create personal mastery and physical immortality.
     We have to uproot the mental weeds from our garden of memory - the unconscious mind - and burn them.  And we have to plant, nourish, and care for the wholesome thoughts.
     Here is a basic collection of wholesome seeds. It is up to us to master them.  When we have instant recall, we have started the process.  How many deathist thoughts can you recall instantly?  Our mind can be the Source of happiness, success, and Eternal Life.


1- My mind is centered in Infinite Intelligence that knows my good; I am one with the creative power that is materializing all of my desires.
2- All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
3- I now have enough time, energy, wisdom and money to accomplish all of my desires.
4- I am always in the right place at the right time, successfully engaged in the right activity.
5- I now receive assistance and cooperation from people.
6- My days are filled with mental and physical pleasures.
7- I now give and receive love freely.  Spiritual practices renew and purify my Love.
8- The more I win the better I feel about letting others win; the better I feel about letting others win, the more I win; therefore I win all the time.
9- I daily make valuable contributions to the aliveness of myself, of others, and of humanity.
10- I no longer have to ask permission to do the things I know should be done.
11- I now feel exhilarated and wonderful all the time.
12- I do not have to suffer to get happiness.
13- My goodness keeps hanging around. Just because something is good it does not mean that it has to go away.
14- All good things never end, they just keep getting richer.
15- I now enjoy accepting the good so that I can get more.
16- The more satisfied I become with the present situation, the more satisfaction I obtain.
17- I now feel sweet, joyous peace.  I enjoy doing spiritual purification practices.
18- I have the right to indulge in laziness so long as it is pleasurable.
19- I am an ever-flowing spring of aliveness.  God is the ground of my Being.


1- I am alive now, therefore my life urges are stronger than my death urges; as long as I continue strengthening my life urges and weakening my death urges, I will go on living in health and youthfulness.
2- Life is eternal, I am life, my mind is the thinking quality of life itself and is eternal; my physical body, as matter and Energy, is also eternal, therefore my living flesh has a natural tendency to live forever in perfect health and youthfulness.
3- My physical body is a safe and pleasurable place for me to be; the entire universe exists for the purpose of supporting my physical body and providing a pleasurable place for me to express myself.
4- All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
5- I am commissioned by the Infinite One (or God) to assist in the scheme of creation.
6- I am cooperating in the evolution of life, and in so doing my soul and body and their infinite possibilities are progressing in proportion to my desire to use all my powers and possibilities in spirit and in truth. My spiritual purification practices are working.
7- My physical organism is my natural universe, over which I alone rule.  It is my material cloak, or garment, through which I will manifest the powers of divine nature. It is my fundamental servant. Although perishable, it is eternally renewable.
8- I am progressing rapidly towards the conscious subjugation of matter and the complete lordship over all basic elements of life, which exist only by my permission as peaceful and obedient servants.
9- All the cells tissues and organs in my body are now youthing according to my desires.
10- The divine alchemist within is transforming the appearance of my
       body to express its eternal youthfulness.
11- My body is youthing; it daily expresses more health and strength.
12-  I am now starting the youthing process; each birthday I will become a year younger.
13-  I have eternal life- my body eternally renews itself as long as I like.
14-  I am cooperating in the progressive evolution of creation; the entire universe supports and assists my life and goals. My soul and body with their infinite possibilities are progressing in accordance with my desires.  I now use all of my powers and possibilities in spirit and in truth.
15- My physical body is my most valuable possession.
16-  The more I am good to myself the more I enrich my aliveness.
17-  I do not give my body a chance to self-destruct.
18-  Each one of my cells grows in perfect youth, becoming more alive and energetic every day. Each cell replaces itself with a finer, purer, more perfect cell.
19-  The only germs that can harm me are the germs of bad ideas.
20-  My body is not one with pain; I can therefore let go of pain any time I want.
21-  My body is my loving servant; it is trying to teach me to give up false ideas so I can enjoy eternal life and all its pleasures.
22-  I am naturally Divine.  I have the ability to substitute health for sickness.
23-  The more I am good to myself the more I enrich my own aliveness.


1- I now feel exhilarated and wonderful all the time.  I enjoy spiritual purification.
2- My skin is becoming beautiful and my oil glands function perfectly.  In fact my skin is getting younger.  My earth, air, water, and fire practices are working.
3- Infinite Intelligence is healing my body.
4- My mother and my lovers now like my body.
5- My body is highly pleasurable to men and women.
6- The purpose of my bloodstream is to clean out my body and keep it in perfect health.
7- I don't have to have a headache to make ___________________ wrong.
8- Tension is no longer a problem of mine.  Tension, stress, and pain now serve me.
9- I am now willing to drop my tensions and my feelings of helplessness and live in the glory of my natural divinity.  I can be relaxed and work relaxed.
10- I have the right and ability to live without tension and pain; I am loved by all.
11- I like myself even though I am tense; therefore I have no need to be tense.
12- My body will function perfectly with any amount of sleep.
13- I no longer need pains to get attention.
14- My perfect weight is _______ and all cells in excess will be washed out by my bloodstream and excretory systems.
15- My body is my servant, which is getting me my perfect weight.
16- I am filling my body with pleasure to experience out pain.
17- My body is now bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
18- I rejoice in God's healing power in my body.
19- My body is not one with pain; therefore I can let go of the pain any time I want.
20- My body is a loving servant, which is trying to teach me to give up my false ideas so I can enjoy eternal life and all its pleasures.
21- Perfect vitality is the ground of my being and is manifesting in my physical body.
22- The Intelligence of pure spirit is expanding its perfect order in my mind and my body.
23- As God, I have the ability to substitute health for sickness.
24- My mind is thoroughly permeated with the recognition of it's own life-giving power and thus does the work of substituting health for sickness.
25- My mind is tuned into the mind of _________, and therefore I can assist in healing ___________.  That perfection is being communicated to both of us and enriches us.

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