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 Holiday 2011 Newsletter 

Current Stories
Very Important Patient Update: Brittany Hess
Supporting Lazarex - Our Sponor Series: Herrick Corporation
New Ways to Support Lazarex: Lennon for Lazarex - An Evening of John Lennon's Music Performed by The Plastic Fauxno Band on December 23rd; Dwight Yoakam in Las Vegas December 6th & 7th; Hike the Grand Canyon and Raise Funds for Lazarex!
Meet New Staff Member Pam Shaw
The Bracelet Story and Video
Team for Life Endurance Events - New! The Golden Gate Triathlon, the Disneyland 2011 Video, Hike the Grand Canyon to Raise Funds for Lazarex! Tinker Bell Half Marathon and the Big Sur International Marathon

Dear Friends,


It is always exciting and fun to grow. This year we have increased our patient enrollment, our community initiatives and our Team for Life members. As a result we added a part time position of Program Facilitator to the Lazarex staff and hired Pam Shaw, who has worked with Lazarex as a volunteer, fundraiser and event planner, to fill the position. We now have a dedicated volunteer, Carol, who comes in weekly to help with Team for Life. So it is bittersweet that growth sometimes means moving on from people or places that are filled with meaning.    


On December 6th, we leave our Danville home of four years at 169 Front Street. We will miss our downstairs neighbors and are forever grateful to our landlord who saw us grow from one suite to occupying the entire 2nd floor. Our new home at 50 Oak Court, Suite 200, in Danville is larger. It has space to accommodate our current staff plus volunteers, and has sufficient enough room for growth that we will be able to temporarily sublet a portion of our space until we grow into the entire suite. 

You may notice as you read this newsletter that we are branching out with the type of fundraising events that we do. In addition to our endurance events we added a concert in San Francisco inspired by the work of John Lennon; a Dwight Yoakam concert in Las Vegas; and a Grand Canyon Hike that can be a lifetime memory. Of course, we are not putting away our running shoes, but we also want to have something for folks who would rather wear loafers, pumps or hiking boots. Team for Life athletes will be thrilled to see that we have added the Golden Gate Triathlon to our schedule of 2012 events! 


I want to take a moment to wish everyone in the Lazarex Family a joyous holiday season of light and celebration. As we come to the close of 2011 and reflect upon all that it has been, I hope you will take a moment to give thanks for the good health within your family and perhaps take another moment to remember those who do not share that blessing.


After all, It's About Life.



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Dana Dornsife
President, Lazarex Cancer Foundation


  Very Important Patient (VIP) Update: Brittany Hess  


Brittany's Story:   

Brittany Hess 2011

Brittany Hess is one of the great success stories at Lazarex. She has been courageously fighting an extremely rare soft tissue cancer called Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS) since age 19 when she was diagnosed in July 2001 at Stage IV. Brittany continues to beat the odds by exceeding the typical efficacy of her medicine in clinical trials and as a vibrant young woman is leading as normal a life as possible with her dog and her boyfriend in the Seattle, Washington area.


According to Brittany's mother, Bonni, Brittany's November 2011 CT scans were stable and she has set a record for the longest sustained disease stability within her clinical trial. "We continue to be immensely grateful for the 30 months of disease stability and significant tumor shrinkage/disappearance that Cediranib has provided for Brittany, as well as everything that all of you (the Lazarex team members) have done and continue to do to make Brittany's continued participation in this clinical trial possible," Bonni said.    


Brittany is experiencing side effects from the medicine, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia, and memory problems. Yet, according to her mother, she endures with a bright outlook. "Brittany determinedly moves forward with her young life being as active as possible and living each day to the fullest with her usual great passion, positive attitude, bright spirit, and radiant smile," said Bonni.


"We now move forward into a new year on this challenging ten years and three months ASPS journey with much happiness and continued great hope in our hearts," says Bonni. "But we also continue our aggressive and relentless search, research, and networking with other ASPS patients/families for possible alterna
tive treatments in the heartbreaking event that Brittany develops resistance to the Cediranib and experiences rebound and disease progression."    
Patients like this month's VIP, Brittany, are benefiting from support like this every day. Please help us by  who you think would be interested in Lazarex.

Our Sponsors


Herrick logo 


Celebrating Ninety Years of Leadership  


With a history that began in 1921 and a continuous proven track record of providing value engineering, cost efficient and on time construction activities across a broad spectrum of projects, Herrick Corporation has earned the right to be called an industry leader.


Look at the San Francisco or Los Angeles skylines and you will see dozens of buildings erected by the Herrick Corporation. Since 1921 they have been shaping the cities of the world. On November 16, 2011 Herrick celebrated its 90th anniversary in the steel business. President Doug Griffin reflects on Herrick's 90th anniversary


"Over the years many loyal employees in the offices, the plants and on field jobsites have worked diligently to produce some of the most notable buildings to grace the skylines of the west coast. Along the way many personal friendships, professional business relationships and an unparalleled level of respect were established.


We shared triumphs, we shared challenges, we witnessed promotions, we suffered through losses, but in the end the many thousands of Herrick employees persevered.


As the current President of Herrick the most important trait I value is that throughout the years, no matter how difficult the situation, no Herrick employee ever walked away until the challenge had been met. These efforts define our character and our character defines our leadership."   


We at Lazarex are deeply grateful for the sponsorship and support we have received from the Herrick Corporation throughout the years.

SF Herrick skyline
Herrick buildings in San Francisco

Visit the Herrick Corporation website at


In our next newsletter we will feature Lazarex sponsor Gillig Corporation. 

New and Fun Ways to Support Lazarex 




Plastic Fauxno Band  

In the giving spirit of the holidays The Plastic Fauxno Band performs an evening of John Lennon's music benefiting Lazarex Cancer Foundation.    


There aren't any bands paying tribute to the joyful and intense genius of John's solo material like The Plastic Fauxno Band. Led by Drew Harrison, original singer-songwriter, leader of the Sun Kings, and considered one of the world's best John Lennon interpreters, the band features world class musicians... read more     


What: Plastic Fauxno Band John Lennon Tribute Concert at Slims, 333 11th Street, San Francisco

When: December 23, 2011. Doors Open 8 PM, Concert Begins 9 PM

Why: A percentage of proceeds benefit Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Tickets: Tickets available on-line at:, by phone at 1-888-233-0449 or in person at the Slim's box office. Ticket price is $26.


Contact Susan Sappington, 510 757- 5034 for more information.      


VEGAS BABY! Dwight Yoakam!  
Dwight Yoakam LVH


What:  Two mid week performances by Dwight Yoakam at the  

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel  

When: December 6th & 7th, 2011 
Why: A percentage of the proceeds benefit Lazarex Cancer Foundation   

Tickets: Tickets are available through the Las Vegas Hilton box office at 800 222-5361 or online through the following link:  


Buy Tickets   


Contact Susan Sappington, 510 757- 5034 for more information.  




Hike for Life/Conquer the Canyon 


Boots Meet Grand Canyon
What: Lazarex Cancer Foundation and Conquer The CanyonŽ have joined forces to bring you Hike for Life, a special 3-night/4-day walking, hiking and active adventure at one of the "Grandest" natural wonders of the world - The Grand Canyon!

When: May 11-14, 2012

Why: Hike for Life is a new fundraising adventure for those of you who love to travel, hike, and enjoy the beauty of nature while meeting a personal challenge and supporting a worthy cause - Lazarex Cancer Foundation!  This is about celebrating life in all its fullness in the magnificent setting of the Grand Canyon and one in which you help give the gift of life to end stage cancer patients. Plus it will be AWESOME!  

What Else: Participants can choose the trails that best suit their goals and abilities and will be led by The Walking Connection's best expert guides who will interpret the intricacies of the geology, history, flora, fauna and environmental zones of the canyon.  


Come hike with us!!   


For more information visit our event webpage at   


 Meet New Staff Member Pam Shaw


Pam's years as a volunteer and her fundraising know how are a perfect match for Lazarex. She will be involved in organizing many of our 2012 fundraising events and supporting the Team for Life division.


After being out of the corporate working world for 17 years, I've decided to go back to woPam Shawrk part time for Lazarex Cancer Foundation. During those 17 years, I raised two wonderful children who are now a Freshman and Sophmore in high school, and always kept myself busy doing volunteer work for the kid's school, (CERT) Community Emergency Response Team and the American Heart Association.


Just last year, I decided to find volunteer work in the cancer related field.  I'd discovered Lazarex and started doing some fundraising for them. When Lazarex decided to put on the 2010 Gala at Castella de Amorosa, I'd volunteered to assist. It was a great experience! Later this year, Lazarex decided they needed someone to come on board to be their Program Facilitator. It seemed like a good fit for both myself and them. I'm now working part time and look forward to helping make a difference for those dealing with cancer.   


Anyone who wants to welcome Pam can give her a call at 925-820-4517 or send an email to    


 Bracelets Make Great Gifts
Made with love by Ron & Carol Zenaro in honor of their son Scott.

Ron buys the materials, Carol makes the bracelets. Typically a $20 donation to Lazarex plus shipping will get you a beautiful handcrafted gift. To order bracelets use this link: Zenaro Bracelets or go to www.maeandmedesigns.comBracelets. Prices may vary by bracelet design.

Watch the Bracelet Story Video:
The Bracelet Story
The Bracelet Story

Team for Life Events - Join Us, Donate, Have Fun!  

Take a look at our coming events, perhaps you will be inspired to participate or make a donation to support a team member. Your support is crucial to our mission! 

 new TFl logo


Joining Team for Life gives you the chance to directly support Lazarex Cancer Foundation by participating in any endurance event where Laz

2011 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend
2011 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

arex has an official team OR by creating your own fundraising event.   


 To sign



Tinker Bell 1/2 MarathonTinker Bell 1/2 Marathon

Lazarex is an official charity for this event. We still have a limited amount bibs available. 

When: January 29, 2012 

Where: Anaheim, CA 


Run to celebrate Lazarex patient Brittani Powell - "I cannot begin to tell you how important this organization (Lazarex) is for people like my daughter by offering new hope to people who believe that they have none and bringing new emerging technology and medication to patients who would otherwise have no access to them. By donating to Lazarex Cancer Foundation you are saving lives and I thank you!! Because of you, my daughter progressed from having this tumor almost totally take over her body and her life to becoming a walking, talking happy teenager."


To register contact Jenny Walls or go to: TFL Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon    


Big Sur International MarathonBig Sur Int'l Marathon 2012 

Lazarex is an official charity for this event. The marathon is SOLD OUT but you can still register for the 21 mile, 10.6 mile, 9 mile and 5k races ! Join Team for Life for our 1st race in Big Sur!

When: April 29, 2012

Where: Big Sur, CA 


Run to celebrate Lazarex patient Ben Doherty - "As I said when I first started the leukemia treatment, this is a triathlon. The cycling portion of my triathlon began with the bone marrow transplant. Cycling is the longest portion of the triathlon, both in distance and time and there is always a time of adjustment before you get into your cadence and become smooth on the bike. Over the past several weeks, I have had some difficulties getting into my rhythm. I will put my head down and keep pedaling until I get into my groove."


To register contact Jenny Walls or go to: TFL Big Sur Int'l Marathon


Golden Gate TriathlonGolden Gate Tri-Freaks

Registration is NOW OPEN for our first-ever triathlon! Lazarex is the only official charity for this event!   

A world class triathlon has come to San Franciscoand its most cherished landmark is its centerpiece. This event features a beautiful swim along the coast of Crissy Field, an epic looped course through-out the Presidio capped off by a stunning out and back run across the Golden Gate Bridge!   

When: Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Where: San Francisco, CA


To register contact Jenny Walls  or go to: TFL Golden Gate Triathlon 

About Lazarex Cancer Foundation 
Lazarex Cancer Foundation builds a bridge to hope, dignity and life for cancer patients and their families. We provide financial assistance to defray the costs associated with patient participation in FDA clinical trials. Additionally, we help patients navigate their clinical trial options and provide community education and outreach services. We believe that together we can build a bridge to hope. To learn more, please contact us at 925.820.4517, toll-free at 877.866.9523, or visit us at
Please help us spread the word by  (or many!) who you think would be interested in Lazarex Cancer Foundation or one of our many events. Thanks!