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Locked Out of Your Vehicle:
Now What?

KeysDue to our vehicles' new high-tech, heavy-duty theft-deterrent systems, it's not suprising that it's not easy to get into a locked car without the keys. And maybe our brains haven't quite caught up with this new technology: in 1980, lockouts represented just 1.4% of the total requests for service. In 2006, lockouts represented 16.9% of the total overall call volume to AAA in North America. There are tons of ways to prevent lock-outs from happening. But what if you don't get around to them until it's too late?
Auto Shops Aimed at Women:
Manicures While You Wait

The Auto Salon? Do you ever wish you could be getting more done while you wait for your car to be fixed? Sick of the lame magazines your male-oriented auto shop provides? Women have to get their cars fixed, too! Well, they may be needles in the haystack, but there are a few female-oriented auto shops out there. Elle Auto even offers spa packages for you and your car - so you can get manicured while your car gets oiled up and detailed. They also provide "heart and soul" service catered to women, wi-fi, a kids play area, and shuttle service if you need to get back and forth for pick-ups and drop-offs. 
Chevy Traverse
Do the Private Island Math:
Little Whale Cay
Little Whale CayMost people don't think about renting an entire island for that special occasion. It would be too expensive, out of the question. Well...not true. If a group of 10 to 12 rented the entire island of Little Whale Cay in the Bahamas, having it all to themselves for 5 nights, it's less expensive than you would think. Let's do the math. What do you get? An all-inclusive vacation at Little Whale Cay, a private island paradise set in the heart of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas for not that much more than a typical resort vacation. It's still not the most practical destination, but it's a lot more practical than you'd think. 

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