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Country Inns & Suites
With help from Country Inns & Suites, a themed road trip can really escalate into something fun - and definitely survivable. The chain of inns and suites has provided 2, 4, and 7-day road trip itineraries, in 5 different themes, featuring 3 two-day legs that can be taken separately or combined for a longer trip. 

Safe & Stylish Cars for Teens

Ford FusionIf the back to school list this year includes a car, you'll want to know which vehicles are recommended for novice drivers. New drivers are more likely to underestimate dangerous situations or hazardous conditions, so the safety and reliability of the car driven may be the difference in saving one's life.

The Best New Road Trip Vehicles of '09

Ford MustangWhat entails a vehicle that's perfect for a road trip? A car that provides all the amenities to keep its occupants comfortable, a car that keeps everyone entertained, a car with a hot look and smooth ride, or one with lots of storage space? We suppose it depends on who's driving it. Here are KBB's 2009 choices.

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