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The Best Used Luxury Vehicles to Buy Now
Infiniti M
It's fairly easy to halve the price of a luxury vehicle - just drop a few numbers off the model year and start your search again. Any car's value depreciates the second it is driven off the lot, so you can find valuable used luxury cars (or CPO's) at, well, the price of an average new car. 


Express Passport: Get Yours A.S.A.P.

Ordering a new passport can be nerve-wracking, especially when you already have travel plans, or a last-minute need for a passport due to the recent change in regulations. Passports and other legal travel documents can take an untold amount of time. If this risk isn't worth taking, there is finally a new option.

2009 Spa Trends

Spa TrendsTrendy or crazy over-the-top: you decide which of the year's spa trends are here to stay. From spas in casinos, dental spas, and on-the-go spas to tech-savvy, eco-friendly, and mind-engaging spas, some new trends are less frivolous than others.


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