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New Low Prices! Yes, it's that time of year again! The ProSource Sports Supplement Buyer's Guide is hitting mailboxes across the nation and that can only mean one thing. ProSource's already absolutely lowest prices on the top-selling supplements you use every day just got even lower!


The 2012 ProSource Buyer's Guide, Autumn Edition, is yet another installment in bodybuilding's most revered and influential series of publications, featuring more of the cutting-edge information that has been helping bodybuilders achieve their goals for 15 years. It's the one and only resource for comprehensive expert reviews and ratings of top-brand supplements, plus all the latest information on new science, innovations and trends. In short, there's no other publication like it!


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The innovation never stops at ProSource, where we're delighted to introduce two new products in the ultra-premium-quality ProSource line.


ProSource Green Coffee Bean Extract contains a uniquely potent and powerful extract of this non-stimulant polyphenol linked to diet-support and cholesterol benefits.


ProSource Immediate Release Niacin contains a premium-quality version of the flush form of niacin that has been linked to greater results in blood circulation to muscles and cholesterol-reduction support.



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