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Summer 2011
We've been featured in the July issue of Industrial Reports Magazine!

In addition to a company profile in the magazine Industrial Projects Report, our very own 40 year industry veteran John Porch contributes a compelling analysis of value vs. low cost and exposes the downside of the industry's current lowest bidder system.  Here's a sneak peak....


Beware of the Lowest Bidder

As the industry continues to withstand hits caused by the slow economic recovery, awards have begun to favor the lowest bidder instead of the most qualified.  Engineers and managers concerned primarily with the bottom line are focusing solely on up-front pricing, rather than the total investment and useful life of products and services.  In most cases, what happens is the sacrificing of value for cheap pricing.  Are there any repercussions to this strategy?  Ever hear of the saying "You get what you pay for"?  In the current economic climate, you simply cannot afford cheap.  Cheap costs money.  It costs money to fix and it costs money to replace. Click here to read more.

Breaking Ground: Work Starts on World'ssolarplant Biggest Solar Plant

The Blythe project, along with others like the much-discussed

Ivanpah project, represent a trend toward truly utility-scale solar power. Moving these projects forward to the point of actually beginning construction has been a challenge, with wildlife and other concerns standing in the way...(Read More Here)

Looking for a job opportunity just got easier!jobmatch

If you're in the market for a new position (or know someone who is) and haven't seen our Job Search feature lately,take a look.  We've added keyword search and polished up our job postings. We also have a brand new Job Match Alert feature to keep you up-to-date on the hottest openings. Sign up now on our website to receive an email of the newest jobs in your field as they are posted. We're working to make finding that perfect job as easy as possible!


About Joulé Industrial Contractors

Joulé Industrial Contracting fulfills mission-critical, large-scale projects across the country in a wide range of industrial disciplines specializing in maintenance, fabrication, industrial construction, retrofit modifications, outage support, and facility expansion and rebuild. Founded in 1965, Joulé has more than 40 years of specialized experience in providing quality solutions for clients and outstanding job opportunities for skilled craftspeople. 

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