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Spring 2011 

Joulé Inc. Creates New Specialty Division

for Engineering Staffing

A new division, Joulé Engineering Staffing Solutions, has been launched by Joulé Inc. to facilitate engineering staffing to firms across the U.S.  Spearheaded by industry veteran Jim Alesio, the new division reflects the importance of engineering staffing to the Joulé organization, as well as the strong growth forecast for professional staffing in 2011.  Read More.

Fukushima-Related Radioactive Materials Measured Across Entire Northern Hemisphere
Since the double disaster of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that affected hundreds of thousands of people and seriously damaged the Fukushima Daichi power plant in Japan on 11 March 2011, minute traces of radioactive emissions from Fukushima have spread across the entire Northern Hemisphere. A monitoring network designed to detect signs of nuclear explosions picked up these traces from the stricken power plant... (Read Full Article)
Social Network Screening: Proceed with Caution


According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder:

  • 45% of employers check social networks before hiring
  • 11% plan to start use social networking sites for screening in the near future
  • 35% of companies had rejected a candidate based on information from a social-network profile

What does this all mean?  Social screening is increasingly becoming integrated into the pre-employment process.  With that being said, both candidates and employers should proceed with caution as we figure out the best ways to access and use available data in practical, legally defensible and ethical ways. 


Employers:  Using social media for screening and background checks can be a very powerful tool, but it is far from being risk-free.  Hiring Managers, HR Professionals and Recruiters should keep in mind that the traditional rules still apply in the Digital Era (i.e. anti-discrimination laws).  In fact, with more and more cases of mistaken identity, fake accounts and inaccurate information popping up, you can be sure that a host of legal risks and compliance issues will come knocking at your door. 


Candidates:  This is simple.  Use common sense and avoid blending your personal life with your professional life.  Check out The Tweet and The Response for a great little cautionary tale. 

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Joulé Engineering Staffing is a leading provider of engineers, designers and project support professionals. For more than 45 years, Joulé has provided access to top technical talent. Our depth of capabilities and resources ensures that only the most qualified professionals are provided on a temporary, contract or direct basis.
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Professor Uses Math Analytics to Project 2011 MLB Winners
This year, he said that in the American League (AL), the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox should tie for first place in the East, with both making the playoffs, while the Detroit Tigers will edge out the Minnesota Twins in the Central Division and the Texas Rangers will repeat as winners in the West.

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