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February 2011


Joulé Industrial Contractors is starting the New Year with a new, state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

We're happy to announce that our new facility, located in Pedricktown, NJ gives us expanded capabilities for a wide range of carbon, stainless and other exotic metal fabrication projects as well as excellent access to the interstate highway system. 


If, like many firms, your full-time staff has been reduced and critical projects postponed, JIC is ready to provide solutions. As your projects are brought back on line, call us for Fabrication, Coded ASME Welding, Shutdown and Outage Support, OEM and Preventative Maintenance projects. A full-service partner, JIC employs multi-crafts and supplies in-house staff, supervision and equipment.


Call us today at 800-445-6853.

Featured Project
Fabrication and Installation
Fast Facts:JIC Fab
  • Fabricated and installed over 80 tons of steel in 10 weeks
  • One giant silo mixer structure: 28 ft. high x 56 ft. wide x 20 ft. deep
  • 13 silo tanks: 25 ft. high x 8 ft. wide

"JIC's technology-oriented approach toward project planning and management made everything easier - I was impressed." - M.S., Field Project Manager, Metal Fabrication & Machinery Company

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Ten Employment Trends in 2011
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  • Outage support
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofit modifications
  • Expansion & Rebuild
  • Structural/ Pipe fabrications
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Joulé Industrial Contracting fulfills mission-critical, large-scale projects across the country in a wide range of industrial disciplines specializing in maintenance, fabrication, industrial construction, retrofit modifications, outage support, and facility expansion and rebuild. Founded in 1965, Joulé has more than 40 years of specialized experience in providing quality solutions for clients and outstanding job opportunities for skilled craftspeople. 

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