October 2010



It is an especially exciting and rewarding time at MOUNTAIN, LTD. and I am happy to report several milestone events this quarter.

  • In September, we received the prestigious President's Award for Outstanding Service by the Telephone Association of New England (TANE). The award recognizes outstanding service to TANE or to the telephone industry in general and 2010 marks the first time a vendor has received this honor.
  • Our headquarters proudly accepted the Best Places to Work in Maine award.  Bestowed by the Society of Human Resources Management, this marks the third consecutive year that we have been recognized. 
  • And perhaps most importantly, MOUNTAIN has just been notified that we have again passed our rigorous ISO audit and have been re-certified as an ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 certified company.  This is your assurance that MOUNTAIN stays true to its mission of maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our recent achievements are tangible evidence of our commitment to our clients, contractors and employees.  If you are looking for a superior talent solution or an outstanding career opportunity, look no further than MOUNTAIN, LTD.™.


April Metivier, CTS
Chief Operating Officer

Augmented Reality Comes to Mobile Phones

augmentIf you thought location-aware search and other mobile mapping technologies were cool, hold onto your hat. A new wave of innovation in the mobile market will bring augmented reality to smartphones, allowing users to interact virtually with their surroundings...
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Recruiting Myth #1 

Why do I need a recruiting company if the resume is on Monster?

With the number of resumes on the job boards today, isn't this a valid question? Actually this comment reflects a common misconception about the role of specialized recruiting firms, and the depth and value of the services we provide.


If you think about the time and cost associated with sifting through hundreds of resumes, you realize the benefit of calling us. Who is the best qualified candidate? Do they have the skills they say they do? Are they available? When can they come in for an interview? And what do their references say about them? Sourcing candidates is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.


The MOUNTAIN process goes much deeper than simply providing a resume. It includes:

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Interviewing
  • Reference Checking
  • Drug & Background Checks
Once you've made a selection, MOUNTAIN sells the position to the candidate, highlighting the advantages of working at your company. We provide safety training where appropriate and assist with the on-boarding process, getting the employee up and running quickly. Finally, we make a regular quality to check to ensure the person is a good fit and performing well, and give the employee coaching and feedback.

MOUNTAIN, LTD. is recognized and respected as a professional solutions provider committed to identifying, securing, and managing quality individuals to support organizations and projects worldwide since 1979.

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 that 92% of buyers surveyed reported that using flexible labor saves money? 9% of total expense was the median saving reported by the 171 large company buyers in the survey by the Staffing Industry Analysts.
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