July 2010
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During these dog days of summer, with the stock market on a roller-coaster ride and a major oil spill in the headlines, engineering solutions news may not always make it to the top of your in-box. But at MOUNTAIN, LTD, sourcing top engineering talent and placing professionals is always our #1 priority. And we're happy to bring you the latest news from the field.


Here at MOUNTAIN headquarters, we will soon begin our rigorous, annual ISO audit process. Thus we are focused more intently than ever on our quality process and commitment to the highest standards for our clients and engineers. If you are looking for a superior engineering solution or an outstanding career opportunity, we'd love to hear from you.


Enjoy these summer days!


April Metivier, CTS
Chief Operating Officer

FCC Moves to Gain More Authority
Over Broadband
The Federal Communications fccgenCommission voted Thursday to start the controversial process of reclassifying high-speed Internet access to give the agency more authority over service providers to prevent disparate treatment of consumers...(Read Full Article)
Top Talent on Sale?

You've probably heard the comments, and maybe thought them yourself, "With unemployment at record highs, can't I get the skills I need for a lower rate? I still want top talent but haven't pay scales come down?"


Thoughts like these were reflected in our recent client survey, so we called on our recruiting teams to get a clearer picture of what is happening in the market. And what we heard from them may surprise you. Candidates aren't jumping at just any opportunity, especially those perceived as paying below market rate. And if a candidate accepts such a position, the employee leaves the minute a better situation comes along.

So despite the fact that May unemployment was still a high 9.7% down from the 9.9% in April, confidence in the job market is increasing.  Reinforcing what our recruiters are experiencing, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that for the last three months, more workers have quit their jobs than have been laid off, reversing the trend of the previous 15 months.  This supports the recent Harvard Business Review report that 25 percent of top performers plan to leave their current job within a year.
So what's the take away? The truth is that fundamentals haven't
changed much, if at all, in the labor market. To attract and retain top performers, be sure your compensation is in line with your competition. If you need help determining what the market rate for a particular skill set is in your area, reach out to your MOUNTAIN recruiter for the most up-to-date trends in the field.
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