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Our Vegan Bake Sale in Houston raises $1,831 for Haiti Relief! 
We wish to thank all who supported our Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti Relief in Houston on January 24, 2010. We have now raised $1,831 to benefit humanitarian aid and animal rescue in Haiti! Donations started coming in before the benefit and continue to be received in support of our efforts.
 SOP Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti    Vegan Bake Sale Haiti 5
Mango's Vegetarian Cafe was kind enough to host our event in Houston. Hundreds of vegan baked goods were generously donated by Sinfull Bakery, Radical Eats and our many wonderful volunteers & members! Free vegan literature was also available to the public on our outreach table. 
 Vegan Bake Sale Haiti 6    Vegan Bake Sale Haiti 3
Thanks to a steady flow of supporters throughout the day, we completely sold out of baked goods during the last hour. The public still enjoyed live music long after the vegan sweets disappeared -- all for a great cause!
Bake Sale Haiti Bands 6    Bake Sale Haiti Bands 3
The amazing musicians and bands who donated their time and talents during the benefit include: The Blue Notes, Rory Jagdeo, The Coalition Band and Barefoot The Indian. You can see video performances from the bands on our Society of P.E.A.C.E. Spotlight page!  
Bake Sale Haiti Bands 2    Vegan Bake Sale Haiti 2
The proceeds from our bake sale are being divided equally between the following two organizations, run almost entirely by volunteers: 
Food For Life Global Vegan Food Relief, which has volunteers on location distributing vegan meals, and the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH), led in the US by Kinship Circle's Disaster Aid Network, which has animal responder volunteers on site working with SODOPRECA.
In addition to our benefit in Houston, similar vegan bake sale benefits for Haiti were held across the country the past few weeks. Our friends up in Austin hosted a benefit, as did Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Omaha, New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago, to name a few. It is now estimated that the recent vegan bake sales for Haiti have raised over $32,000 and counting for humanitarian aid and animal rescue! 
We are honored to have been a part of this outstanding humanitarian and animal aid effort! Community service is but one of the many functions of our organization. We encourage you to get involved and volunteer your time to help with our outreach & tabling, fundraising, community service and more! Please contact us to join our Volunteer Team.
Thank you for supporting our efforts to aid the people and animals of Haiti!
For a vegan world,
Kristen Lee Ohanyan & the entire Society of PEACE Team

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