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Case Study: How Data Quality Issues Can Effect "Male" Delivery

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Global-Z Saves Energy and Money with Green Initiatives

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Customs Enforcement and Your Mail
~ by Merry Law, President of WorldVu LLC

The European Union has released an interesting report on customs enforcement of intellectual property rights in the EU. (Intellectual property rights or IPR encompasses primarily infringements of copyright, trademark, patent, and proprietary processes or technologies.) In 2011 there were 91,245 cases that involved 114,772,812 articles with a total value of EUR 1,272,354,795 (approximately US$ 1,635,230,400). This was an increase of slightly more than 14.5% in value and over 11% in the number of articles from 2010, while the number of cases increased by more than 15%.

In general, a greater increase in the number of cases than in articles indicates an increase in smaller shipments. There has been an increase for the second year in a row in the number of cases related to postal shipments, which tend to be small shipments. In 2009, 34.43% of the cases were attributed to postal transport. In 2011, that had increased to 62.91% of the cases.

While medicines account for a major proportion of the articles, shoes, clothing, personal accessories, electrical household goods, and mobile phone accessories each make up a significant portion of the total. "All other categories" is 28.79% of the articles and 32.58% of the cases.

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The Autumn season has begun to paint our landscape with bright orange, yellow and red colors. It's an absolutely beautiful time of year across New England. We want to thank all of our GZ News readers and hope you all enjoy our Fall edition. Our goal is to help keep you up to date and informed on issues that matter to you. Thank you for your continued feedback! Please keep your thoughts and recommendations coming.

In this issue we welcome back Merry Law and feature an exclusive interview with David Loshin. We also invite you to visit us in Las Vegas at this year's DMA Marketing and Exhibition Conference. Find us at booth #1061.

  • Case Study: How Data Quality Issues Can Effect "Male" Delivery
  • ~ by Jennifer Martell and Katie Favreau, Global-Z Co-Morale Officers

    For our next installment, I want to discuss the importance of data quality. I know what you're thinking. What does this have to do with the Ambassadors of Fun? Well, I'll tell you. Data quality at a high resolution is not only important to ensuring that your mail piece is delivered in a timely manner and reaches its ultimate destination, but that all the pertinent information is easily accessible and accurate.

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  • Interview with David Loshin: The Data Revolution
  • Meet David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity, Inc. David is a recognized thought leader and expert consultant in the areas of data quality, master data management, and business intelligence (BI). David is a prolific author regarding BI best practices, via the expert channel at www.b-eye-network.com and numerous books and papers on data quality.

    Recently, Global-Z had the unique opportunity to interview Loshin and discuss issues that are changing the way businesses think about data.

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  • Global-Z Saves Energy and Money with Green Initiatives
  • Global-Z is pleased to announce the installation of a Freeaire Refrigeration system which utilizes outside air to cool our data center. The new air system is part of our efforts towards creating a greener more environmentally-friendly facility.

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  • See You Soon at DMA 2012 Las Vegas!
  • This year's annual US Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conference & exhibition is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibit floor opens on October 14th and we have been getting ready to have some fun with old friends and meet new ones.

    As your plans come together please make sure you schedule time to meet with us. GZ team members will be in our booth (#1061) throughout the exhibition and we would love for you to stop by. We look forward to seeing you!

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