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My Backyard: Back to School

Leave No Trace Bigfoot Helps Girl Scouts  

Celebrate 100 Years 

The Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington embarked upon a week of festivities to honor a century of rich tradition including years of work with Leave No Trace.

Bigfoot Parties Like a Girl Scout 
Bigfoot Parties Like a Girl Scout
Let's Go Camping: Estacada, OR

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but didn't have

the opportunity or all of the outdoor gear?  Oregon Parks and Recreation has the solution for you!  


Around Me  

in September

The Traveling Trainers could be in your neck of the woods this month helping ring in a new school year with Leave No Trace education in the schools! 

3 Steps To Bring Leave No Trace Into Your Classroom 

Every year thousands of school children are introduced to Leave No Trace in their classrooms. From short introductory activities to a full-day spent outdoors, youth across the country are learning how they can become stewards of the outdoor places they care about. PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) is the Center's youth program with easy, short Leave No Trace activities and curricula for the classroom.  

Start a Leave No Trace Club
in your High School.

Start your own Leave No Trace club like a group of students from Interlake High School in Washington did. Including a two-day field-based Trainer Course  and plenty of Leave No Trace activities, the students learned everything they needed to know to effectively teach other students about Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Talk to your teachers and classmates to start a Leave No Trace Club of your own!

Message From A Member    

"Even though we're in a city, I have endless opportunities to share Leave NoTrace with my kids. It is simply the most relevant set of environmental principles I can teach them."

-Rebecca, mom from Brooklyn, NY


Leave No Trace needs your help to reach more people like Rebecca, so we can educate more kids about protecting our outdoors. It only takes $2 to educate one child! Donate and become a member today!      

An Easy Way to Help 
Secure Critical Funding for  
Leave No Trace 
Vote today in the Chase Community Giving Facebook Campaign and help two great causes secure funding to protect our wild lands. Use one of your two votes for Leave No Trace and the other for our partner in this effort, Greater Yellowstone Coalition. You can help us each win up to $250,000!    

The Situation
You're hiking with your kids and
they are so excited to be experiencing nature that they want to take home pieces of the natural world (pine cones, antler sheds, pottery shards, rocks, bones, etc.) to help them feel connected to nature while they are at home. What do you say to help them create memories that will leave the gift of discovery for the next person who hikes along the trail?  


Email us and let us know what you would do. Responses will be published in next month's eNews. Here's what our staff  had to say about the August Situation.

September Sale on Stainless Pint Glasses!

Bigfoot 16 oz. stainless steel pints are versatile and on sale now!  Eliminate the single-use plastic cups in your life and drink your beverage in style!



Tech Tip:
S'mores made Simple
Fire bans still in effect? Try making Leave No Trace S'mores: no fire needed! Take a graham cracker, slather on marshmallow fluff and chocolate hazelnut spread. Then top with another graham cracker. Presto: a tasty treat the kids will love.  


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