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Close Encounters of the Presidential Kind 
While setting up for a workshop at Maine's Kennebunk Conservation Trust, look who our trainers Kate Bullock and Tracy Howard had the opportunity to talk Leave No Trace with. Former President George W. Bush had just finished a mountain bike ride when he met up with our team.

The Leave No Trace Center leads training in Acadia National Park.
Learn more about this and other
Maine Events.


Bigfoot makes an appearance in Washington D.C., organizing a much needed trail cleanup.  



The Center promotes sustainable camping  to festival-goers at Colorado's Telluride Bluegrass Festival.



Near you in July  

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in your state. 

News You Can Use  
Through Backyard Sessions, the Center engages networks of hardworking Leave No Trace activists and partners in critical outreach and volunteer work. 
Find out more about how to organize your own Backyard Session and we can help!
Each year, the Center enjoys the challenge and opportunity to answer thousands of questions about training, education, outreach, partnerships, techniques and practices.  As more people learn about Leave No Trace, the demand for answers escalates. Check out these resources available to you. 
Leave No Trace Research and More  
The Center is working with Wyoming State Parks, Trails and Historic Sites and Colorado State University to study the effectiveness of Leave No Trace in state parks.

Find out more about our research and the impressive progress the Center has made in the Fourmile Area, in Buena Vista, CO, the first Hot Spot of 2012.

The Situation 

You're in a favorite park on an afternoon run after a long day at work. You notice a man up ahead of you taking a dog for a walk. He cleans up the dog's poop and puts it in a bag, which he then leaves on the side of the trail as he continues along his walk.  

What would you do?


Email us and let us know what you would do. Responses will be published in next month's eNews.  Review the responses to the

June situation.

Tech Tip 

Find yourself without a trowel and with the need to go? Use your boot heel or a rock to dig a cathole 6-8 inches deep, and then try some natural toilet paper alternatives like leaves, smooth rocks, snow, or pine cones.


Water Bottle Sale in July

The 24 oz. On-The-Fly Leave No Trace Nalgene bottle will have you drinking in style, and they are 25% off thru the end of July!


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