Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics                                                                                       April 2012

My Backyard
A strong start towards completion of 65 Leave No Trace Backyard Sessions across the country in 2012. 
Backyard Sessions 
Dave Winter and Jason Grubb give an overview
of the Backyard Session Program 

During California-based challenge, the Center encourages adults to teach children the Leave No Trace Seven Principles
for Kids.

  marks the 500th event for the Leave No Trace Kate Bullock  and Tracy Howard, veteran Traveling Educators.
Near You in April   

Check out all of the great Leave No Trace activity happening    

in your state. 

What's In Your Campfire?
While most people familiar with Leave No Trace do not burn trash, those who are uninformed occasionally (or perhaps more often) burn trash in their campfire. While this seemingly innocent act may not cause seemingly significant immediate impacts, read more to learn about the impacts that do exist.
News You Can Use

The Center gears up
for a significant work on the Leave No Trace  Hot Spot at Fourmile in Colorado in April. 

More You Need To Know 
Spring into Auction on Wednesday April 18th
Bid online for outdoor gear, guided trips and more all to benefit Leave No Trace programs this year.

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The Situation 

While camped in an area that does not allow collection of wood for fuel, you notice people a few campsites over dragging large logs to their fire ring. It's getting dark and the temperature is dropping, but the campsite host that typically sells firewood isn't around and the wood is locked up. While driving in, you noticed another campsite host a few miles up the road. What do you do?


Email us and let us know what you would do. Responses will be published in next month's eNews.  Review the responses to the March situation.

Tech Tip

Get Ready For Spring  

As the snow melts and puddles begin to form on the trail, be sure to wear mud-ready boots or shoes and gators so you can tromp right through to prevent erosion and damage to trail-side vegetation during this sensitive time of year.

Get Your Game On!   

This Genuine Wham-O Recycled U-MAX Model Frisbee, made from post-consumer recycled material, is perfect for spring games and reinforces your commitment to Leave No Trace! 30% off in April. Just $7:   

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