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Your annual gift to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics brings the nature experience and a life-long passion for the outdoors to children and adults. This year  we expect to reach 3 million people on our way to realizing the vision that every outdoor visit will Leave No Trace.

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Every month, the Center poses a difficult Leave No Trace skills or ethics-related questions. Stay tuned for 2012 Situations, and if you would like to review your responses to December's Situation, read here.  

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Your year-end donation made a BIG difference.  Because of you, 2012 is off to a great start as we teach more kids and adults about responsible outdoor recreation. 


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From the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. From new research for frontcountry settings and a Hot Spot outside of Los Angeles to 37 community-based Backyard Sessions and Service/Learning projects in communities across the country, the Center is making strides in your backyard. Read more.
Meet extraordinary member-activists who have impacted their communities with Leave No Trace. The Center has so much love to spread around that we are actually honoring 11 people! For more about the important work of this collection of impressive volunteers, read here.


Rob Stevens worked to bring Leave No Trace to bring awareness and education to Central Arkansas.  


U.S. Park Ranger Jordan Mammal led the Washington's Mount Rainier National Park campaign to have the park's Paradise Area designated as a Leave No Trace Hot Spot. 


Avid outdoorsman, Dave Polivy, collaborated with the Center to bring a stronger Leave No Trace presence to Lake Tahoe. 


Climber and member-activist,Steve Kominsky, incorporated Leave No Trace in initiative, The 10in6 Challenge, climbing Oregon's 10 highest mountains in 6 days.    


Master Educator, Awanti Sura, logged over 1,000 hours as a Leave No Trace intern and volunteer at the Center, propelling  constituent communication.  


Minnesota State Advocate,Rita Hussman, has offered a constant stream of Leave No Trace training since taking on the volunteer position. 

Member-activist Reed Waite led Leave No Trace training in his community and helped with the Center's Backyard Sessions to build support for the Mount Rainier Hot Spot.       


Jeff Marion, recreation ecologists with the U.S. Geologic Survey and faculty at Virginia Tech, wrote a new Leave No Trace publication frontcountry environments.    


Trainer Paula Booth's dedication and passion for educating both youth and adults in Leave No Trace has a 15 year history.   


Hamish Morin, chair of the Smartwool Advocacy Team, worked closely with the Center to increase awareness about Leave No Trace.        


Ardent Leave No Trace supporter, Kelly Pearson, is wilderness  instrumental in the 2011 frontcountry stock pilot Master Educator Course.   

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