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Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics                                                         July, 2011

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Tech Tip

Don't Break The Ice 

Keeping a clean dry cooler can save a lot of frustration when you are trying to maximize efficiency during your warm weather outings. Soggy egg cartons, peeling labels, or questionable moisture on other packaging can leave you guessing if your food cache is becoming contaminated. Use this simple and reusable solution: Find a plastic or metal container that can house a standard size piece of block ice. Be sure not to go too large and take up all the room in your cooler.  


Other benefits: The ice and water are kept in a clean, separate container so you can use the frigid melt waters to add to your water bottle, or chip off some ice and enjoy an impromptu cocktail. Cool and refreshing!

The Situation

What Would You Do?

On your way down from a short, out-and-back hike to a popular historic outlook, something catches your eye.  Stranded crackers, chips and a twist-tie are left on a picnic-perfect granite slab where earlier you noticed some college students snacking. Thinking that you could definitely recognize the party who was eating there, and that you could easily catch up to them, what would you do?

Write to us at enews@LNT.org and let us know!

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My Backyard

Leave No Trace rallies volunteers in Washington 

Leave No Trace just hosted two Backyard Sessions in Seattle, focusing on Mount Rainer National Park.

Keep reading.


Boyer does it again at Maine's Saco River     

With support from Leave No Trace, local advocacy groups and volunteers, the heavily-visited Saco River gets some much needed attention.  

Learn more about it. 


Near You in July 

Check out all of the great Leave No Trace  

activity in your state this July. 


Do you live in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania or West Virginia? Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers are visiting your state this month.

Find out more. 



Hang Ups 

Interested in protecting your  food for yourself instead of forfeiting it to your wild friends? Learn more about food storage, and the best techniques to hang bear bags. Keep reading.



Campaign update: You sponsored over 360 days of Leave No Trace education!   

Last month you supported our campaign to bring Leave No Trace education to the millions of people who will head into the great outdoors this summer.  Because of you, more than 20,000 people will learn about Leave No Trace.  Mark and Tara, the 2011 e-tour team, and all of us send great thanks for your part to share Leave No Trace. Read more. 

Bigfoot T's are 25% off in July 

Let your friends know that Bigfoot's been doing it for years with a  Leave No Trace Bigfoot t-shirt. You can find these shirts for $13.50 in our store. Grab One!
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