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March 2010

This is your chance, if you have a kid in your life.


The other day, a couple of us were in deep discussions about kids; specifically, how to engage them in the Bigfoot Challenge. This year, we're asking you to commit simple acts of Leave No Trace stewardship by taking a single Bigfoot Challenge, or up to one every month. Bigfoot is also an ideal opportunity to introduce basic Leave No Trace concepts to kids and beginning in April, you will see a special challenge for kids every month.


You can learn more about Bigfoot in this issue as well as nominate a Hotspot for Leave No Trace in your neck of the woods by visiting our website or contacting the Center. We're also introducing new grant deadlines, resources to enhance Leave No Trace in your community and more.


Take the Challenge.


Susy Alkaitis

Deputy Director

 eNews You Can Use...
educational materialsGrants and Scholarships
Looking for ways to incorporate Leave No Trace training in to your programs and classes, but low on your budget?  The Education Department answers questions on the Center's various grant and scholarship programs.
 My Backyard
BigfootHave You Taken the Challenge in 2010?
Another new month, and a whole new way to Leave No Trace like Bigfoot does!  Join us this March with 4 new active challenges to Leave No Trace.

 Partnership Highlight
Online Partnership Form Launches

Annoyed with paper invoices?  Want the ease of joining Leave No Trace's partnership program from the convenience of your office?  Leave No Trace is proud to launch a new feature for partners that allows you to join or renew online. 

 Road Wisdom
Flowers - Road Wisdom"Do Something Now..."
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers, Kate and Tracy, are in the eastern United States, and stopped in Ohio for the Five Rivers Metro Parks Adventure Summit.  Little did they know that they'd be the ones walking away with an important message.
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eNews You Can Use
My Backyard
Partnership Highlight
Road Wisdom
Hot Spots
Membership Benefit
Did you know that Members get 10% off all merchandise in the Leave No Trace store?  Or up to $3,300 off a new Subaru?  What about a Pro Deal Discount in the online Coleman store?

Check out these Benefits and more, and thank you for your support!
Hot Spots
hot spots logo Know of an area in need of a little Leave No Trace tender love and care? Nominate it as a Hot Spot!

New in 2010, Leave No Trace Hot Spots is aimed at aiding grassroots and community-driven projects that work to improve the condition of a designated "hot spot" using Leave No Trace education, resources, and outreach.

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