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October 2009
logo Have you ever wondered, as you stand next to your vehicle with a mouthful of toothpaste, where you should actually spit?

Though you may have the wastewater disposal drill down in the backcountry, frontcountry car camping is a different story. Learn more about it in the eNews You Can Use, below.

Also in this issue: one staffer's reflections about Leave No Trace while hiking the John Muir Trail last month; Leave No Trace for National Parks, in honor of the new Ken Burns documentary; and creative ways to support Leave No Trace the next time you need some new tunes!
Happy, spooky trails.
Susy Alkaitis
Deputy Director
 Dear Education Department...
Wastewater Disposal
Do you know how to dispose of used and contaminated water in the Frontcountry?  Learn the in's and out's of this sticky (or wet, rather) subject, so you can dispose of waste properly next time you're in the outdoors.  Bonus question before you read on: Do you know why it's not recommended to dispose of wastewater near a road?
 Road Wisdom
National Parks
Our team of mobile educators has been traveling through California, and many national parks, for the last few weeks. In light of Ken Burn's new documentary, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, Team West shares a little Leave No Trace wisdom for the part visitor...

 My Backyard
Center Employee takes to John Muir Trail
John Muir
Lately, we at the Center have been living vicariously through our colleague, Kurt Achtenhagen, and his adventures on the John Muir Trail.  From his pre-packing list to chronicles of fast-packing, it's been an exciting ride to share!

 Partnership Highlight
CLIF BAR GreenNotes
From the makers of the natural and organic CLIF energy bar, CLIF BAR GreenNotes is a program that marries the power of music with a passion for the environment in the interest of protecting the places we play for our and future generations... And supporting Leave No Trace at the same time.

 Annual Report 2008
Available Online
Have you checked out the 2008 Annual Report yet? Join us in celebrating the release of our Annual Report 2008 - full of stories from the community, programmatic updates, messages from the Staff and Board of Directors, and more.  Your copy for viewing is available online.  Thank you for an outstanding year!

In This Issue
Dear Education Department
Road Wisdom
My Backyard
Partnership Highlight
Annual Report 2008
Membership Benefit
Did you know that Members get 10% off all merchandise in the Leave No Trace store?  Or up to $3,300 off a new Subaru?  What about a Pro Deal Discount in the online Coleman store?

Check out these Benefits and more, and thank you for your support!
Take the Bigfoot Challenge
Help us celebrate education in motion by taking the Bigfoot Challenge this year!  By challenging yourself online or catching up with the Traveling Trainers at an event this Fall, you have a chance to take part in the Leave No Trace Bigfoot Challenge.

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