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We all know that "Time flies when you're having fun!" Apparently I have been having a lot of fun lately, because it feels like yesterday was January 5th and today we are sitting squarely in the middle of May.  What happened?

2009 has already been a very busy and exciting year for Leave No Trace outreach.  We continue to see more and more volunteerism, healthy competition for State Advocate positions, an increase in requests for the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers, growth in our social media initiatives and growing demand for the Leave No Trace e-tour.  We are lucky to have valuable people like you, who volunteer your time and energy to promote responsible outdoor recreation!  Thanks to your dedication, it makes it very fun for us to come to work each day, which explains why it is May when it feels like it should still be February.

Dave Winter
Outreach Manager
eNews You Can Use

YouthDear Education Department:

I took a Trainer Course several years ago and am interested in refreshing my Leave No Trace knowledge and skills. I looked into taking another training but was unable to find a time or place that coordinated with my schedule. Do you have any online refresher courses that I could take? I plan on leading some workshops in the near future.

Leave No Trace Educator


Dear Leave No Trace Educator:

Thanks for your email. We're glad to hear of your interest in receiving further training. It's always a good idea to refresh your knowledge, especially if you plan on teaching others. Luckily, the Center has some easy ways to do this:
  1. Visit the Educational Resources page on our website for a free, downloadable slideshow that you can use to both teach yourself, and others. The slideshow reviews the history of Leave No Trace, the principles and practices, and current programs.
  2. Subscribe to our eNews. Read our Community Blog or follow us on Twitter. Social media sites have allowed us to get the latest information and up-to-date news about Leave No Trace to the general public. Our Community Blog is updated daily and always discusses a relevant Leave No Trace-related topic, often a specific practice. It now features a question of the week, which will also test your knowledge.
  3. The Center is currently working to create an Online Awareness Workshop, which will be hosted on our website. This will be a great resource for individuals wanting an introduction to Leave No Trace, or wanting to refresh their skills. Stay tuned for more news about this later in the summer.
Hopefully these resources will meet your training needs. Thanks for your support of Leave No Trace and educational efforts within your community.

The Education Department
My Backyard
social mediaGrowing the Community - Better Knowledge, Faster Connections, Lasting Relationships

Lately it seems that "my backyard" has had a literal and figurative explosion in size.  Let me explain.  
What was once a distant stratosphere of Leave No Trace supporters and ideas, is now an accessible and dynamic community thanks to the technology of social media.  Leave No Trace is no stranger to these various social channels - we've long been involved in social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook to communicate with educators and volunteers across the world.  Our blogs, a fantastic resource to discuss relevant news, issues and experiences, have seen decent traffic since the beginning.  
However, with our recent participation on Twitter - what seems to be the holy grail of social media - the Center is witnessing a marked increase in communication, networking, and participation.  Social media has grown our backyard exponentially - to millions of people - and we're thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss all things Leave No Trace with you!
Friend us on Facebook.
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Connect with us on LinkedIn.
Join us on Blogger.

Partnership Highlight
REI Champions Diversity and Kids

REILast Tuesday was a moderate, sunny day in Denver, and the Leave No Trace Board of Directors marched along the Platte River in the middle of the city during their Spring meeting.  Inspired by David Jayo, a Leave No Trace Board member from REI, the group incorporated a clean up along the riverbank. When they finally made it to their destination, a downtown REI store, Jayo was joined by store employees and they conducted an impromptu grant ceremony. The public celebration was to supply the Center with a grant to serve youth and culturally diverse communities with Leave No Trace in 2009.

kidsREI has supported the Leave No Trace program since the Center's inception. It has funded research, helped build a youth program that has been translated into both Spanish and French, and played the primary role in the organization's work to reach new, more diverse communities. Moreover, REI's holistic approach to granting funds has, over the years, looked at issues as basic and generally elusive for funding as capacity, constituency building and technology - the translation: general operating support, funding to build a membership of advocates and donors, and dollars to buy computers for the office.

REI's philosophy of giving and long-term support for the Center has played a significant role in Leave No Trace's progress. This philosophy is embodied not only by the public affairs department that houses REI's grant giving program, but also among its thousands of employees across the country. As we get a call from the product and design department about incorporating the Leave No Trace principles in to a new product, or consult a store manager about the number of Leave No Trace youth programs (PEAK) they have conducted, there is company-wide knowledge, input and involvement in the programs that REI supports.

This year, REI is helping to further develop components of the PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) program as well as fund Connect Grants to increase culturally diverse communities' involvement in the Leave No Trace program.

To learn more about our partnership community and opportunities, visit our Partnership web page or contact Sara.
Road Wisdom
Contributed by Emily Ressler and J.D. Tanner
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers

logoAttention All Gearheads!
Leave No Trace Essentials and the Gear We Love.

We spend a lot of time in gear shops.  Sometimes the first thing we do when we get to a new town is to visit the local outfitter.  We do this for several reasons:  to get the locals' advice on the best areas to camp, to drop off Leave No Trace educational materials, and to kill time.  While there are lots of great excuses to visit these shops, mostly we go because we love gear. 

As Traveling Trainers, our love of outdoor equipment is probably a good thing, because we are able to demonstrate how gear can relate to Leave No Trace.  So, without further ado, here are our favorite pieces of gear for each of the Leave No Trace principles.
  1. PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE:  We use our National Geographic Road Atlas - Adventure Edition everyday.  It's one of the few pieces of gear that actually lives in the front seat of the car and is usually the first thing we grab when we beginning planning for a trip.
  2. TRAVEL AND CAMP ON DURABLE SURFACES: Our favorite piece of gear for this principle is the Them-A-Rest NeoAir.  We spend most of our nights sleeping on the ground and this sleeping pad has brought us our best zzz's in the outdoors.  Knowing that we're going to get a good night's sleep encourages us to sleep on the most durable surfaces.
  3. DISPOSE OF WASTE PROPERLY:  This is a big topic, but for trash it's hard to beat a re-sealable plastic bag for keeping garbage in your backpack until you can dispose of it.  For grey water we depend on a kitchen strainer to separate out all the food particles from our used and dirty water.  Finally, for human waste we're big fans of both the Restop and the WAG bag, as these products make it really easy to pack out human waste.
  4. LEAVE WHAT YOU FIND:  While we sometimes use our journals to record the amazing sights we see while outdoors, we most often take a small digital camera.  It's light-weight, doesn't take up too much space, and has preserved thousands of memories for us during our time on the road.
  5. MINIMIZE CAMPFIRE IMPACTS:  A good, warm sleeping bag is essential.  For cold nights we typically use the Coleman Cloudcroft 0-degree sleeping bag so we never have to rely on a campfire for warmth.
  6. RESPECT WILDLIFE:  Seeing wildlife is one of our favorite things about being outdoors. We almost always carry a small set of binoculars so that we can view wildlife from a distance.
  7. BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER VISITORS: We really enjoy hiking with our dogs, which is why we always bring their leashes. A leash helps to keep our pets under control and ensures that our time outdoors will not bother other visitors.    
See you on the road,
JD & Emily
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainerrs
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