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GrabberAlways cold?  Not anymore.

Grabber is proud to be a corporate partner of Leave No Trace, and is helping us plan ahead and prepare for our outdoor winter pursuits by offering all active members a 15% discount on Warmers.com!

Active Members: email Sara@LNT.org for your members-only link and discount code today!  You can also join or renew your membership to take advantage of this benefit at anytime.

For more on your membership benefits, please visit our members page.
I love the seasonal transition from a busy summer of outdoor adventure, vacation and sun to a crisp and relaxing autumn.  To me, autumn means rejuvenation, fresh starts and reintroducing myself to community - the farmer's market, the trails surrounding Boulder and all of the great outdoor-related local events.  Whether you have your sights on pumpkin carving, the upcoming election or an impending Leave No Trace event (like the 2008 Adventure Film Festival!), I encourage you to enjoy all that this great season has to offer!

Catherine Smith
Community & Partnerships Coordinator
eNews You Can Use
Dear Education Department,

I would like to know what is the Leave No Trace position or guideline is on keeping bird feeders (in relation to the Respect Wildlife principle)?

Thanks in advance!
Bird Lover
Table SkirtDear Bird Lover,

Thanks for your interest in Leave No Trace. Over the years we have received this question a number of times. Generally speaking, we don't recommend feeding wildlife, however we note that our program is specifically focused recreation-related impacts rather than the 'impacts' in our back yard. That said, it's certainly something to consider - feeding wildlife - be it in the Wilderness or on the front lawn.

BearWhat tends to happen to truly wild animals that are fed the occasional meal by a hiker can be very different than what happens to animals that are fed on a consistent basis. If someone enjoys having a bird feeder and consistently provides food, then the animals will adapt and will view that feeder as a food source. While not necessarily a bad thing, there is the potential for some or all of the following to occur:
  • The birds can lose their natural ability to forage for natural foods.
  • Birds can congregate in unnatural numbers due to the food source and can increase the chances for spread of disease among the birds.
  • Birds can completely lose their fear of humans and can become a nuisance at best or a real problem at worst.
  • Other animals can be attracted to bird feeders which can lead to problems as well.
This is one of those areas where we do not have an official stance. Rather, we leave it up to personal choice (as with all things Leave No Trace) as to the best decision. Again, our focus is on non-motorized recreation and how to enjoy the outdoors in a responsible way.

Ben Lawhon
The Education Department
Road Wisdom
Best Case Scenario: Leave No Trace
From:  Emily Ressler & JD Tanner
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers

Bear attacks, lightning strikes and getting lost are arguably three of the scariest ordeals that a person can face in the wilderness.  The appeal of the classic man vs. nature narrative is irresistible, and usually featured on the front pages on newspapers and magazines when these encounters arise.  Survivors write books and some of those books are made into movies. 

For this reason, during many of our Leave No Trace presentations, the topic of conversation sometimes turns into a discussion on how to avoid death and destruction in the wilderness.  We have even spoken with groups that are scared to visit wilderness areas because they are convinced that bears, snakes and other wild animals are just waiting to attack people as they mosey down the trail. 

When this happens, we usually explain that the odds of getting seriously injured in the wilderness are pretty low.  Outdoor users can further negate their chances of death and destruction by properly planning for their trip.  By following the first principle of Leave No Trace - Plan Ahead and Prepare - we can be ready for just about anything that might happen while we are visiting the great outdoors.  One of the first steps in protecting the outdoors is properly preparing yourself before you visit.  Below is some information on Plan Ahead and Prepare.  For more detailed information please visit our website.

  • Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you'll visit.
  • Be aware of your and your group's skills and abilities and plan your trip accordingly.
  • Prepare for extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies.
  • Visit in small groups when possible. Consider splitting larger groups into smaller groups.
  • Repackage food to minimize waste.
  • Use a map and compass to eliminate the use of marking paint, rock cairns or flagging.
Happy Trails,
JD & Emily
Senior Team

Read More from the Road on the Traveling Trainer Blog.
Partnership Highlight
Table SkirtAdventure Film Festival

           Make your own legends.
Location:       Boulder, Colorado
Learn More:   www.adventurefilm.org

Why we love them:
"Activism through Adventure."  What's not to love? 

New on the scene as a Corporate Partner of Leave No Trace, Adventure Film takes inspiration, activism and awareness to the max through world-class films focusing on adventure and environmentalism.  The festival debuts each year in their hometown (and ours!) of Boulder, Colorado with an incredible three-day program of internationally-selected films and documentaries, after which it will travel to France, Chile and many communities within the United States.

Plus, Adventure Film just launched a newly-designed website, with several interesting features including a film preview & synopsis page, an interactive blog and links on how to get more involved.

Adventure Film Festival BannerWhat Adventure Film does for the community and environment: Adventure Film recognizes that we are all key players in preserving the wild places that we explore and enjoy, whether in epic adventure or our daily lives.  Through film and art, they believe that the power of a story, the narrative of adventure, allows us all to awaken to the change every person can enact in the world. In this spirit of conservationism, Leave No Trace is proud to have been selected as Adventure Film's 2008 Nonprofit Partner

In addition to partnerships with local nonprofits, businesses, filmmakers and adventurers, what makes Adventure Film unique is the community that it brings together.  Adventure Film hosts Boulder's largest Earth Day event each year, and recently added Chamonix, France and Santiago, Chile to it's family for 2009.

We can't wait for... the 4th Annual Film Festival!  This year's program kicks off on November 6th, and will be three jam-packed days of films, after-parties and filmmaker workshops.  We're particularly excited for the silent auction benefiting Leave No Trace, as well as "The Art of Filmmaking and Leave No Trace," a filmmaking workshop open to the public that focuses on the minimum-impact techniques and ethics that envrionmental and recreational filmmakers can use while in the field.  For those of you in the area, we will send out an invitation to this event closer to the event.  If you're interested in volunteering and being a part of this event, please contact Adventure Film Festival.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leave No Trace partnership program, please visit our Partners Page, or email Sara Close

My Backyard
Traveling TrainerCelebrating 10 Years of 'Education in Motion'

The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Program celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2009. The teams will continue to visit a wide range of people and communities across the country including (but not limited to): outdoor retail stores, guiding services, educational institutions, national parks and forests, state parks, elementary/middle/high schools, open spaces, municipalities, youth serving organizations and festivals.

Be a part of the Celebration by Requesting a visit from the Traveling Trainers during the 2009 Season. 

For more information and to request an event, please visit our announcement on the Leave No Trace Community Blog.

Store Promotion

Table SkirtThe New Laken Water Bottles Have Arrived...

The Laken Classic Bottle 0.6 Liter, a must have for any thirsty outdoor enthusiast!  Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, the Laken Classic aluminum water bottle is both functional and environmentally-friendly. A BPA-free liner makes the Classic a safe alternative to traditional polycarbonate bottles.  Now 20% off through the end of October! Regularly $17.95 each.

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