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News You Can Use - Connect in Action
News You Can Use - Dear Education Department
Partnership Highlight - Packit Gourmet
Partnership Highlight - Ahead of Her Time
Calling All Creative Minds - Leave No Trace Slogan Contest
Road Wisdom - Keep Wildlife Wild
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eNews You Can Use
Connect in Action.
The Education Department would like to share a few photos from a recent Master Educator Course through San Juan College, a Connect Grant recipient. San Juan College's Outdoor Program has a history of working with the local Navajo community, which spans the four corners region.

Participants on the course included faculty and staff from SJC's Outdoor Program, a teacher from Monument Valley High School, located in Kayenta, AZ on the Navajo reservation, and five staff/leaders from "Red Eagle Challenge" an outdoor adventure program led by Orlando Pioche, which provides adventure-based experiences, counseling and mentoring for youth. "Red Eagle Challenge"  was established to serve youth from the Navajo community, but now works with a variety of populations.

Thanks to all the participants on the course for their willingness to: participate, share their own experiences, and bring new perspectives to the Leave No Trace community!

ME Course

Course Participants prepare their evening meal while out in the field.

ME Course

Taking a break prior off trail prior to beginning a lesson.

ME Course

On the last night of the course, participants prepare to hike out after three nights of backpacking together.

Photos: Courtesy of Sarah Folzenlogen.

eNews You Can Use
Dear Education Department,

I was hoping you could provide me with some information about dogs in the outdoors that I can share with park visitors. Here are some specific questions that I receive often: 
  • How important is it for dogs to be leashed while outdoors? 
  • Are there any ongoing effects of dogs being on the trail? Transfer of diseases from dogs to humans, decreased squirrel populations, increase in wild dog population, etc.? 
  • Does dog food need to be bear bagged like human foods? 
  • Does dog waste need to be catholed or packed out?
Thank you for any information you are able to share with us! It will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the trail.

Dog Lover

DogDear Dog Lover:

Thank you for your letter. Yes, one of the objectives of Leave No Trace is to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience in the outdoors. Here is some information that may help you and your park visitors, according to your questions:

Dogs on/off leash: It depends on where you are. If dogs are allowed off leash, then it's likely fine for dogs to not be restrained. However, if it's a on-leash area, dogs must be restrained. The reasons for leash regulations are often to protect wildlife, protect other visitors (and their experience), to protect local resources and to protect peoples' dogs.

On going effects: I am unaware of any ongoing impacts other than possible disturbance of wildlife and/or other visitors and accumulated dog feces (a sanitation issue). I have not heard of dogs transferring disease to humans. It is technically possible for dogs to transmit disease to local wildlife. However, I'm unsure how often this actually occurs. I am unaware of dogs being on trails having any measurable increase in the number of feral/wild dogs but I suppose anything is possible.
Dog food: Dog food should be stored with human food and trash to avoid any wildlife interactions.

Dog waste: Again, ideally dog waste would be packed out. However, this is not always practical and therefore catholes are the best choice in lieu of packing out the waste.

The Education Department (and fellow dog lovers)
Partnership Highlight
Packit GourmetPackit Gourmet

Motto:           Trail Food Beyond
                              Your Wildness Expectations.
Location:       Austin, TX
Learn More:   www.packitgourmet.com

Why we love them: Packit Gourmet provides the answer for campers wishing to eat well on the trail.  The website offers a full line of ready-to-make trail meals that feature large portion sizes, flavorful ingredients and natural and organic items, whenever possible.

In addition, the Packit Gourmet General Grocery store offers a ready resource to campers who enjoy cooking their own tried and true recipes.  The Grocery features a wide variety of shelf stable, pack-sized grocery items - from powdered peanut butter to local beef jerky to dehydrated and freeze-dried veggies - everything a camper needs to create their favorite meals in the wilderness from the comfort of their own home!

What they do for the environment: Packit Gourmet partners with Leave No Trace in an effort to lessen the impact of the outdoor community on the environment and preserve the beautiful wilderness lands we all enjoy. As a testament to that commitment . . .Packit Gourmet
  • The Packit Gourmet facility is 100% wind powered and elects to offset their carbon footprint by helping to promote and finance the development of electricity generated from natural sources.
  • All meal pouches are made of 100% recyclable plastic with an outer pouch that can be used to store and pack out all meal waste.
  • Recycled paper & materials are used in all printed materials & wherever possible.
  • Packit Gourmet "goes organic" whenever available and seeks out local source ingredient providers to minimize higher fuel dependent shipping options.
  • Package-free gear and cookware are selected and sold whenever possible.Boxes, peanuts and wrap are reused to minimize landfill waste.
Outdoor recreationists who aim to Plan Ahead and Prepare will appreciate the ingenuity and conservation-minded culture of Packit Gourmet, which brings an ease of meal preparation to your outdoor experience.  The bonus convenience of built-in, reusable pouches are also a friendly reminder to Dispose of Waste Properly - leaving the areas that you love just as beautiful for the next visitor.

If you are interested in learning more about the Leave No Trace partnership program, please visit our Partners Page, or email Sara Close

Save 10%
Try Packit Gourmet for yourself.  As a Leave No Trace member, you are entitled to a 10% discount off your entire order, for a limited time.

Email the Membership Department for your coupon code today!
Offer Expires: November 1st, 2008.
Partner Highlight
 Ahead of Her Time.
Table Skirt
What were you doing in 1985?

Lindy Spiezer, Leave No Trace advocate and marketing manager for LEKI (worldwide manufacturer of ski, hiking and trekking poles) was piloting a recycling program at the Heller Nature Center in Illinois. For the record, that was 23 years ago; long before virtually any public recycling programs were established.

Fast forward to 1989, and Spiezer was writing manuals about curbing waste streams in the public schools. Though most of us have only become aware of the "zero waste" concept in recent years, Spiezer introduced a zero waste program to the PTA of her daughter's middle school in 1990, selling reusable lunch bags in the hallway until she had pervasive compliance.

Spiezer's fundamental belief that all kids should have availability to the outdoors, inspired her to coordinate the "Muddy Buddy Program" with New York's Adirondack Mountain Club. Today, she leads Muddy Buddy hikes for children and an adult family member though observed, "I'm seeing more and more grandparents showing up." She explained that many parents are too busy and consumed with technology to take their kids outside.

LEKI has a solid track record of environmental business practices that precede the outdoor industry's recent surge. To that end, Spiezer signed on LEKI as a Leave No Trace corporate partner in 2003. "Partner" is a term that she likes to stress when she talks about LEKI's relationship with the Center as she praised the problem solving and support she has received from the Center staff over the years.

LEKI is also aligned with Spiezer's environmental imperatives as they relate to kids. She explains, "The company works with trail and mountain clubs when they have educational programs for kids." LEKI is a supporter of girl and boy scouting, and even gave away free kids' poles to outdoor retailers to inspire them to promote youth participation last month.

Pushing Leave No Trace ethics further into the sightlines the American public, Spiezer just added another unusual act of activism. At her August 29th Toastmasters session, she gave a successful speech on the Leave No Trace "Authority of the Resource" concept. When talking about her speech as well as her personal doctrine via telephone, Spiezer added,  "When I see passion erupting with little environmental acts, I get really excited. It all just starts right there."
Calling all Creative Minds...
WantedLeave No Trace Slogan Contest Announced!

We're looking for catchy, fun, user-friendly, memorable phrases that are ten words or less (the shorter the better). We're hoping to build on the slogan we've been using, "Leaving Your Mark Is Overrated - Leave No Trace." The phrase may be used on t-shirts, on our website and in various other communication pieces. And if we choose your slogan, you'll receive special recognition in our newsletter and a gift pack of outdoor goodies (tent, hydration pack, water filter, etc).
Act now - we need all entries submitted by September 30th, 2008. To enter your Leave No Trace slogan (enter as many as you like), please provide your name and contact information including phone number, and email your entry to: slogan@LNT.org.
Road Wisdom
Keep Wildlife Wild
From:  Alexis Ollar and Topher Marlatt
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers

Table SkirtSeptember is a great month to get outside and play.  The weather is amazing, the bugs start to ease up, and the crowds start to thin out in the National Parks. 

It's also an active month for wildlife.  Many species are on the move to warmer lands and many others are busy preparing for another winter.  The chance to view wildlife in the wild is one that many of us cherish.  It is our responsibility to make sure these encounters are appropriate and safe for us, and the animals that we are viewing. 

Whether it is bison in Wyoming, loons in Minnesota, sea lions in California, or deer in Virginia, it is important to keep wildlife wild and allow them to function in their normal environment.  Here are a few Leave No Trace tips to help us respect wildlife.

Observe From A Distance
  • Use binoculars, spotting scopes, and telephoto lenses to watch wildlife. 
  • Do not follow or approach animals. 
  • If an animal changes its behavior because of your presence, then you are too close
Avoid Sensitive Times And Habitats
  • Consider the seasonal stresses that wildlife face. 
  • Animals are sensitive to recreationists while pursuing and defending mates and territories, birthing, guarding young or nests, and when food is scarce. 
  • Respect temporary habitat closures on public lands.
Never Feed Animals
  • Human food and products are harmful to wildlife because animals would otherwise forage and eat a nutritious diet derived from their natural environment. 
  • Animals overcome their natural wariness of humans and can become aggressive in their pursuit of human food.

Store Food And Trash Securely
  • "Food" includes garbage, canned food, stock feed, pet food, fuel and scented toiletries. 
  • Keep a clean camp by removing all garbage and food scraps.  
  • In bear country, use bear hangs, bear-resistant canisters, or on-site lockers.

Control Your Pet
  • Wildlife and pets are not a good mix - even on a leash, dogs harass wildlife, and the best option is to leave them at home. 
  • Please respect pet restrictions on public lands. 
  • Dogs should have current vaccinations to avoid being carriers of or contracting infectious diseases.
We find that one of the best ways to view wildlife is to find a nice spot, sit quietly and wait a while.  The sights and sounds of the woods will soon return if you remain quiet and still.

Happy Trails,
Cody and Tanya
Team West

Photo: Cody and Tanya.
Read More from the Road on the Traveling Trainer Blog.
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