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In This Issue
News You Can Use - Education Department Highlights
Grant Highlight - SAGA receives Tools For Teaching Grant
Community Highlight
Partnership Highlight - Teko
Road Wisdom - Local Yocal
Store Promotion - Frisbees and Beanies
News You Can Use
Updates from the Education Department
  • The Center is hosting its first online PEAK program survey.  Check it out, and let us know what you think!  By completing the survey, your name will be entered in a drawing for Leave No Trace related gear.
  • Tis' the season.  New Trainer Course listings are being posted weekly.  Visit your state's Community Page to find out about upcoming training opportunities that you can take advantage of.
  • Leave No Trace is going paperless!  Check out our relatively new Grants and Scholarships page.  An online grants and scholarship application should be up and running by next week.  Once submitted, the applications are emailed to grants@LNT.org and reviewed according to their respective deadlines.  Both the Awareness Workshop reporting form and participant roster will be available online shortly, as well.  Stay tuned!
  • Send us the scoop.  If you have PEAK (or education related) stories, pictures, or links to articles, send them our way or find out how you can become a guest blogger!
Grants Highlight
Congratulations to Southeast Alaska Guidance Association (SAGA) -
Tools For Teaching Grant Recipient

The Southeast Alaska Guidance Association is a not-for-profit organization that operates the Alaska Service Corps and Serve Alaska Youth Corps, programs that engage native and non-native youth in service and conservation projects throughout Alaska's wild lands and communities.  With aid in the form of a Leave No Trace grant, SAGA will implement a Trainer Course for its internal staff members and team leaders to enable the basic ongoing application of the Leave No Trace principles to the crewmembers and communities in which they serve.  This year, crewmember enrollment with SAGA is estimated around 50-60 individuals.

Congratulations to SAGA, and thank you on behalf of Leave No Trace for your outstanding work and leadership in encouraging minimum-impact recreation and projects in Alaskan communities!

For more information or to get involved with SAGA, please visit their website.

Community Highlight
Connect, Explore and Learn with your Community.

As the year progresses, we are continually tweaking and improving our website to better create and serve Leave No Trace communities across the world.  To that end, we've created state-by-state listings to easily connect you to your State Advocate, Master Educators, partners and Leave No Trace trainings and events in your state.

With just a quick glance through the pages, it's evident that folks are doing some truly great things with Leave No Trace outdoor ethics in their communities.  We encourage you to take a look at your state listing, contact your State Advocate and let the networking begin! 
Partnership Highlight

Motto:        Best socks on the Planet... best socks for the planet. 
Location:    Boulder, CO
Learn More: http://www.tekosocks.com

Why we love them:    Spend 5 minutes with Teko president and owner, Jim Heiden, and your very concept of environmentally-friendly standards and responsibilities within the outdoor industry will be forever changed.  Cutting-edge, conscientious, quality and true: Teko is a thriving collection of great minds, great product and great practices.

What Teko does with SOCKS.  It starts with a simple product, and explodes from there to set minimum-impact precedents across the arenas of material, packaging, transportation and production.
  • Teko's material, packaging & displays all come from within a 200 mile range of its factory, to transportation-related greenhouse gas.
  • Teko uses innovative & friendly materials such as organic EcoMerino Woo (GOTS certifiedl, organic cotton, Ecopoly (recycled polyester), and Ingeo (corn).
  • Teko is certified by bluesign http://www.bluesign-tech.com/ (an environmental certification company which looks at the best possible solution for least impact on the environment).  This has moved them to: use chlorine-free wool; use wool from sheep that are organically-fed without hormones, vaccinations or chemical drenches; and work with farms that employ water conservation methods, do not use motorized vehicles for herding and caring of sheep, and do not permit overgrazing.
  • Teko recently introduced new packaging - reducing the previous packaging size by 45% - from 100% recycled chip board and soy inks.
What Teko does with the OFFICE.  Close to home and close to heart, the conscientious vibe rings true even in Teko's office.  From recycled sawdust booths and displays, or FSC certified paper in catalogs, letterhead and other office materials, Teko raises the bar for businesses beyond Boulder.  This is also the hub for offsetting all electricity used in the office, by traveling employees and reps, and during production, through the purchase of Green-e certified wind energy and carbon offsets.

What Teko does with the COMMUNITY.  Finally, Teko is a leader in the community, by extending its resources and passion for environmental responsibility well beyond the walls of its office or factory.  In addition to an established partnership with Leave No Trace, Teko donates 10% of its online sales to organizations it supports, sponsors the Dart Adventure Racing Team (http://www.dartnuunracing.com/), and is a strong advocate for American manufacturing. 

Leave No Trace is privileged to watch Teko continually push the bar in our community and beyond, by setting an example of responsibility, leadership and environmental integrity.

Photos courtesy of Teko. From top to bottom: Organic sheep farm in Patagonia; New packaging for socks; the Dart Racing team, one of the top two teams in the country.

Road Wisdom
Local Yocal

From:  JD Tanner and Emily Ressler
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers

Do you spend your vacation days hiking, biking or paddling?  Do you spend your free time planning out those vacation days so you can get the most out of your time off? 

If so, you've probably read many guidebooks and visited countless websites researching the best places to play and stay in the area that you're planning on visiting.  For many outdoor enthusiasts planning their next adventure is one of the most exciting parts of their trip.  While researching the area your planning to visit certainly goes hand in hand with Leave No Trace's "Plan Ahead and Prepare" principle, keep in mind that no matter how informative the guidebook or website may be, nothing takes the place of first-hand knowledge of the area.

Traveling across the country for the past year, we've spent a good amount of time searching for great places to recreate.  We've found that taking a few minutes to chat with the locals can be a great way to find out about the best the area has to offer; after all it is their backyard! 

Land managers and outfitters, as well as local outdoor clubs and volunteer organizations can give you the heads up about things you just won't find in the guidebook.  Whether you're looking for the perfect campsite or just want to know what the fish are biting on, making nice with local residents can pay off big time.  Additionally, touting your Leave No Trace awareness can only help your cause: if your hosts know that you will take care of their favorite place, they'll be much more generous with their recommendations. 

See you on the road!

Picture:  JD hiking in the Dolly Sods Wilderness area in West Virginia. 
Hike recommended by our host, Jonathan Wheeler.

Read More from the Road on the Traveling Trainer Blog!

Stay tuned for next month... We will be introducting the TWO newest teams to join us in the Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Program!

Store Promotion

Frisbee and Beanie SALE!

It's almost Spring, and around here that means planning for upcoming outings and trips.  Two of our favorites items to never leave home without are a good frisbee and a warm hat. 

The 175 gram Leave No Trace Frisbee is made of post-consumer recycled material and fly's great. 

Our Smartwool Beanie is the lightest weight insurance you can bring, whether spring camping or cold summer nights in the desert. 

Both are now 30% off through the end of March in our online store!  See the coupon below for details.

Leave No Trace
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