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In This Issue
101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace
Spanish PEAK Program for Youth Education
Now Accepting 2008 Connect Grant Applications
Sponsor a Connect Grant
Road Wisdom - Great Gear Giveaway
New Educational Materials
101 Ways to Teach
Leave No Trace

In an on-going quest to provide high-quality education and training materials, the Center has recently published its newest resource, 101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace.

For many years the Center used the Leave No Trace Training Cookbook, a teaching resource first published in 2001. However, as more and more educators have been trained in Leave No Trace, the Center realized the need for new ideas for effectively communicating Leave No Trace skills and ethics in fun and engaging ways.

"We've been working on this book for some years now, knowing that there was a growing need. We're pleased with the final product and know that it will serve educators well," says Ben Lawhon, Education Director at the Center.

Our brand new guide is ready for you!  Full of activities designed to help teach and share the value and importance of Leave No Trace principles with the young and old alike.  Neatly organized activities fall under one of the seven principles or general outdoor ethics categories, making teaching easy and efficient.  Each activity will walk you through the necessary preparations, applicable audiences, and the required amount of time.
Get Your Copy Today!
101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace
 Regularly $18.95.
Order online or call 1.800.332.4100
Offer Expires: February 29th, 2008.
... And MORE New Educational Materials!

Say "Hola" to the Spanish PEAK Program.

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics announces the addition of a Spanish PEAK program.

Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids (PEAK) is a cooperative program between The Center and Recreation Equipment, Inc. (REI) that is designed to engage youth, ages 6-12, in Leave No Trace education through a variety of hands-on activities.  There is also a Teen Activity Pack with activities for older audiences.  The PEAK pack consists of six standard activities, with the option to add additional activities by purchasing them through the Center. 

Looking to get your hands on one?  Both of these packs are available for purchase, and discounts are available for members of Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.  Packs are also available through a "loaner" program and through the "Packing with PEAK" grant.

Additional Spanish educational materials are also available in our online store; and a webpage in Spanish is in the works.

For more information about the various ways you can become involved with PEAK, contact the Center at 800.332.4100, write to info@LNT.org or visit the website.

En Español:

El Centro Sin Dejar Huellas y Ética al Aire Libre anuncia la versión en español de su programa para niños. El programa se llama "Promoviendo la Consciencia Ambiental en los Niños" (PEAK) el cual es una asociación entre El Centro Sin Dejar Huellas y Recreation Equipment, Inc. (REI). El propósito del programa es educar a niños entre las edades de 6-12 sobre la recreación responsable al aire libre, por medio de actividades divertidas y usando los siete principios de Sin Dejar Huellas. El paquete PEAK incluye seis actividades; algunas actividades adicionales son ofrecidas por el Centro, así como un paquete de actividades para adolescentes. El costo del paquete PEAK es de $49.95; el de adolescentes es de $24.95. Descuentos de 10% están disponibles para miembros de la organización. También contamos con un programa de préstamos o de beca que se llama "Viajando con PEAK."

Para más información sobre las maneras en que puede usar el programa, llame al Centro al 1-800.332.4100, o escriba por correo electrónico a info@LNT.org con el titulo "PEAK" o visite el sitio de internet: www.LNT.org.  Contamos con más materiales educativos y una página de Web en español la cual está siendo desarrollada.
Now Accepting 2008 Connect Grant Applications
Connect GrantsMore Outreach and More Education
with the expansion of this year's
Connect Grant Program.

Connect Grants provide direct support and training grants for organizations and individuals that serve the youth and culturally-diverse communitities. 

The primary Connect Grant goals are to:
  1. Increase the cadre of culturally-diverse educators;
  2. Provide Leave No Trace education for organizations serving predominately Latino, Black, Native American, Asian and other diverse communities;
  3. Provide broader Leave No Trace educational opportunities for youths not served before with these programs.
This program is made possible through above-and-beyond support from our dedicated partners, REI and The North Face.
  • REI, for providing generous programmatic funding to the overall Connect Grant program;
  • The North Face, for providing additional funding as a Special Project Partner for the sponsorship of two larger Connect Grants.  These unique grants - named Choose the Right Path grants - aim to cultivate tomorrow's leaders for environmental activism, education and stewardship.  Organizations wishing to be considered for a Choose the Right Path grant should indicate their interest on the standard Connect Grants application.
Grant awards range between $500 and $2,500.  Application deadlines are March 15 and August 15.  For more information on the Connect Grants program, past recipients and the application process, please visit our Grants and Scholarships page.
Sponsor a Connect Grant in 2008
An Opportunity for your Company to Conserve the Outdoors.

Leave No Trace is educating the environmental stewards of tomorrow.  By establishing a Connect Grant in you or your company's name in 2008, you play a key role responsibly and philanthropically reaching communities that need, but do not have, access to Leave No Trace programs and educational materials.

Encourage Recreation.
                                      Encourage Learning. 
                                                                       Celebrate Education.

Give Leave No Trace education to kids and diverse communities through sponsoring a Connect Grant in 2008.  For more details, contact grants@LNT.org, subject line "Sponsoring a Grant".

Road Wisdom...
Great Gear Giveaway
at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008

From:  JD Tanner and Emily Ressler
Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers

This January thousands of retailers and exhibitors in the outdoor industry flocked to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer (OR) Winter Market 2008.  Besides showing off the newest in outdoor specific products, services and brands, this year OR hosted a wide variety of events including fashion shows, industry seminars and even a wedding.  With all of this excitement it might be easy for a non-profit organization to be easily overlooked.  Lucky for us, Subaru and Backpacker magazine have made it possible for anyone attending Outdoor Retailer to pass by the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer booth.

Once again, the Great Gear Giveaway was a huge success for Leave No Trace.  During the three days that we hosted the Great Gear Giveaway, 421 participants completed the interactive and educational Ethics Quest. By taking part in this challenge participants had the opportunity to win one of the 17 prize packages full of gear donated by dozens of companies in the outdoor industry. To complete the Great Gear Giveaway Ethics Quest, the participants first had to pick up a game card at the Subaru/Leave No Trace booth.  On the card there were four questions relating to Leave No Trace. In order for participants to find the answers to each question they had to search out specific booths of companies that support Leave No Trace.  Once the participant completed the quest, they brought their card back to our booth, and we had the opportunity to discuss the questions on each card.  This led to some great discussions about not only the specific Leave No Trace questions on the cards, but also other Leave No Trace programs and the organization in general.

Each day during the drawing hundreds of people anxiously gathered around the Subaru/Leave No Trace booth as names were drawn and prizes were delivered.  Winners not only walked away with some amazing new gear, but they also received a one-year membership to Leave No Trace.  This event gets people excited about Leave No Trace and allows us to talk with many people in the outdoor industry that we would otherwise have little chance of interacting with.

In addition to the Great Gear Giveaway, Subaru and Backpacker also sponsored a silent auction, which benefited Leave No Trace.  The gear that was collected for the auction literally filled the Subaru Outback that was parked at our booth.  This year's bidding war peaked at $850, a $200 increase from the 2007 summer show.  When the winner, an outdoor program coordinator from a small college in Utah, came to collect his bounty he looked like a kid at Christmas.  We're hoping that he loves his new gear and gets a big smile on his face whenever he talks to students coming through his program about Leave No Trace.

We would like to thank Subaru and Backpacker for making the Great Gear Giveaway one of the most popular traditions at Outdoor Retailer. With the support of both companies we were able to make an impression on thousands of people who are involved in every aspect of the outdoor industry.  We are looking forward to being part of this great event in the future. Thanks again for your dedication to responsible outdoor recreation!

See you on the road!

Photo: Courtesy of JD Tanner & Emily Ressler.

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Stay tuned for next month... We will be introducting the TWO newest teams to join us in the Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Program!