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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Did you know that federal employees can donate to Leave No Trace through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)? 

The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign.

If you are a federal employee, please look for Leave No Trace
CFC# 10423

when choosing your recipient organization this year!

To learn more, visit the CFC website, or e-mail Sara Close: sara@LNT.org.

Teach, donate, volunteer: all are highlighted in this month's newsletter.  In Maine, college kids are devising teaching activities, while in Idaho, the BLM trains local kids of all ages.  All over the U.S., Leave No Trace community supporters now have the chance to participate in a matching gifts program - GivingFirst - that could bring $5,000 of funds in to the organization's work!

Winston Churchill reasoned that "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."  The generous giving from this community - be it time, money, or resources - is what allows us all to work together more effectively.  Moreso, our giving is proactively ensuring a better life for us, and for our future generations.


 Sara Close
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Highlight on Idaho Bureau of Land Management

Two Days, Two Events: A whole lot of education & youth initiatives!

Leave No Trace Principles emphasized during Water Awareness Week
Idaho Falls District. Idaho BLM environmental educators Shannon Bassista and Deycie Luke (also a Leave No Trace member!) led a relay activity stressing Leave No Trace principles for 250 sixth graders on May 10 at the eleventh annual Idaho Water Awareness Week Water Festival in Idaho Falls, ID. This year's festival attracted over 850 sixth grade students from Idaho Falls, Ucon, Iona, Ammon, and Shelley.

The BLM activity was titled "The Scoop on Poop" and demonstrated to the participants the proper river etiquette while recreating on the South Fork of the Snake River. The highlight of the activity, as shown in this photo, was when students were given a tootsie roll and a portable toilet and had to race their classmates to 'pack it out' successfully in an inflatable kayak. During the relay, the rushing kids bunched up at a tree, but managed to successfully complete the activity.

Third-Grade Field Trip goes Low Impact
ottonwood Field Office. Idaho BLM Cottonwood Field Office held a third-grade field day for students of Prairie Elementary in Cottonwood, Idaho earlier this summer. The children rode a bus to the BLM Pine Bar Recreation Area and spent some time outdoors in the beautiful weather.

River Rangers and Leave No Trace members Evan Worthington and Jeremy Harris discussed low impact camping and water safety. Lynn Danly, BLM natural resource specialist and Leave No Trace member, discussed wildflowers as part of the National Wildflower Week celebration.

As part of a craft project, the children took an oath never to litter as signified by placing a handprint on a board that will become part of a beautification project at the Pine Bar self-issue permit kiosks on the Lower Salmon River.

Thank you to Patti Klein and Kris Long of the BLM
for contributing this month's Highlight & photos!
Next Month's Highlight could be you!
Learn.Network.Together. is highlighting active volunteers each month
in an effort to shed a little light on the amazing stewardship that is happening
in the outdoors, everyday.  E-mail sara@LNT.org to share your story
with the entire Leave No Trace community!

Master Educator Scholarship Recipients Selected

Congratulations to the following individuals who were all granted partial scholarships towards recent 5-day, field-based Master Educator courses. Thanks for all your hard work in spreading Leave No Trace education across the country!

         Dennis Alverson           Valerie Preston-Baker
Caroline Conway                Jim Doenges
Ryan Doyle                        Carl Keller
John Leavitt                  Cyndy Nemcik
  Karen Pick                    Lynne Swinimer
Jim Virgin                        Larry White
Road Wisdom...
Tried & New Activities from Traveling Trainers

On September 15-16th, we had the opportunity to work with thirteen students from Unity College, Maine during a Trainer Course.  The students were bright, inquisitive, and taking part in the course for a variety of reasons: future outdoor educators, majoring in Parks and Recreation, raft guides, Boy Scout leaders, and avid outdoorsmen.

We wanted to pass on a very simple and effective exercise that one of the students led while teaching the principle, "Be Considerate of Other Visitors".  He divided the group in two lines facing each other, and had us make three passes.  On the first pass we walked by, heads down, in silence.  On the second pass we walked by, made eye contact, smiled, and gave a head nod.  On the final pass we walked by and engaged in a short conversation with someone else. This activity illustrated the different ways we can interact with folks on the trail, and though we all knew this was an interpretative game, we finished the activity smiling and encouraged to talk to our fellow trail users.  We left the Trainer Course with a new activity for our box of tricks.

We encourage everyone to try new activities and exchange ideas with each other and with folks you meet at a workshop, Trainer, or Master Educator Course.  Use and share the knowledge that you have, and don't be afraid to tweak your favorite activities so that they work well for the environment or group you are working with (and please, let us know if you've found a great new way to teach Leave No Trace!). 

For all of you facilitating Trainer Courses, check out our online store for Trainer Course Participant Packets.  These packets are what we send out before we do a Trainer Course and they help prepare participants for the course.

Look forward to seeing you on the road,
North and Ella
Traveling Trainer Team West

Photo: Ella plays Step on It! With students from Unity College

to illustrate one activity for Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces.

Read More from the Road, or better yet, go see the Team West in person!

Check in next month for updates from
Leave No Trace's Traveling Trainer Team East!

 Keep an Eye Out...
Choose the Right Path Scholarship Program to launch in 2008

Cultivating and educating all communities to Leave No Trace is essential to preserving the natural lands we love.  Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, with support from The North Face, is working to accomplish this by creating the Choose the Right Path Scholarship Program.

Launching in January 2008 with initial program funding provided by The North Face (TNF), Choose the Right Path is a collaborative means to this end: working to develop tomorrow's leaders for environmental activism, education and stewardship.  The scope of this program will be nationwide, targeting new and unique audiences among youth and under-resourced communities.  Organizations serving and representing these populations are encouraged to apply for the environmental educational scholarships that will provide award-winning Leave No Trace education, and inspire exploration in today's youth.

Stay tuned for application information and deadlines.  Prospective questions & inquiries can be directed to Sara Close: sara@LNT.org.

Want to get involved? 
Contributions to Choose the Right Path are open to any partnering
corporate partner or member of Leave No Trace. Individual members donating
to Leave No Trace before November 1st are entered in a chance to win a
2-night, 3-day Stay & Play Package for two at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah! 
To donate, visit us online or call 1.800.332.4100 x.105.