KML2010R The remaining lazy, hazy days of summer are a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the usual hustle and bustle of it all and take some quality time to reflect on your life - where you've been, where you're at now and where you want to be going when that autumn wind and the new 'school' year arrives!

It's always a good idea to hang out in the park or at the beach with your journal (or air-conditioned coffee shop if it's one of those dog days...) and have an honest conversation with yourself. But if you've gone over things in your head one too many times and not quite sure what to do next, perhaps you need another brain, an objective viewpoint or just a plain ole' kick in the butt to put everything in a different perspective and move you forward - that's where I come in.

As you know, for the past two and a half years I've sent out my 
Personal Growth Gabs on a weekly basis to you at no charge, so every once in a while I have to do some shameless self-promotion...but not without a few special offers for you, my dedicated readers!

You can find all the details below, but here's the gist:

Now through August 31st: 
* save $35 on an Essential Self Consultation + receive one free group coaching session
* take advantage of a special $150 75-minute phone session
* save $25 on a 90-minute in-person session 

If there is another option you would like to consider that you do not see here, feel free to reach out to me.  No matter what the season, I always look forward to providing the clarity, balance and direction you need in order to enjoy the most fulfilling and peaceful life possible!

Refreshing wishes,

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The next group coaching sessions are TONITE,Tuesday, August 7th from 6:30-8:30pm and next Thursday, August 19th from 3-5pm and are $40 each.See below for more details and RSVP here.


If you enjoy reading my Personal Growth Gabs and have been thinking about working with me now's a great time!   Check out the testimonials below or on my LinkedIn profile, or read the article where I was the coach featured in  What I Learned Working with a Career Coach 


About Kristina's Coaching: 


Kristina is a NY-based career and life coach who has a proven record of getting "stuck" clients empowered to make lasting professional and personal changes aligned with their true passions and talents in a short time. Her holistic, gimmick-free, and minimalist approach has earned her widely diverse and fiercely loyal following from all walks and stations of life, including savvy New Yorkers who have tried other coaches, approaches, and therapy with little or limited results.  


Kristina gets clients to achieve long-term, break-through success by actively listening to their situation with understanding, and without judgment. She encourages her clients to creatively and independently problem-solve by asking them to make conscious, small choices to start. As a result of this, clients learn to stand on their own, think for themselves, and believe in their own abilities to effect change in larger life decisions.


Here's what a few clients had to say:


Kristina is a gifted career coach who is extremely effective at helping people who have come to a crossroads in their life and need to make important decisions about how to move forward. She truly has the ability to cut to the heart of the matter and get down to the business of seeing what a person is passionate about, what they should be considering as an alternate path, and then finding a way to help guide them to take that first step. ~ Diana A.

Kristina is an amazing coach...I'm always impressed by her intuitive nature, creative ideas, and insight to tap into the core. She is tremendously gifted and has the ability to unblock obstacles that perhaps we didn't even know existed as it's sometimes most challenging to see situations clearly when you're immersed in them. ~ Vicki S.

..[Kristina] immediately made me feel comfortable and understood my needs. She taught me how to stay focused on my personal goals and offered solid advice. I value her opinion and believe she is committed to helping others reach their full potential... Kristina is a valuable resource and I highly recommend her as a talented coach. ~
Joy S. 

Kristina has a special gift for helping people find their way in their careers and life. She has a sick sense about people and always made me feel better when I was stuck. She combines the perfect combination of intuition and career smarts in her sessions. Her support group has been life changing and instrumental in propelling me forward. ~ Ilana A. 


 Kristina is truly an inspiration and I recommend her to anyone who is feeling a bit lost and needs some career and life counseling. ~Justin S.


  Contact me to schedule your session today so that you can move forward with purpose, clarity and the support you need in whatever changes you want to make in your personal and/or professional life!  


For more information visit:  


You Can Benefit from Kristina's Services If:

* you are in career transition or unhappy in your current job
* you are at a crossroads
* you are not sure what you want to do with your life
* you do not know who you are or what you love
* you are looking for more purpose & meaning in life
* you are looking for a more balanced & healthy life
*you want to improve your relationships
* you are looking to express your full power & potential in the world


What are you waiting for?


CONTACT KRISTINA TODAY at 917-816-0834 or email

Group Coaching with Kristina

Feel like you're on your own as you make your next career move?  

Do you need help with work/life balance? 

 Are you looking for structure and support as you go through your job search? 


Come to these small gatherings of like-minded people in career transition to share your experiences and information for brainstorming, encouragement and inspiration. Facilitated by Kristina Leonardi, the purpose of these meetings is to provide mutual support and resources as well as an understanding of and appreciation for personal growth throughout the job search process and to create optimal work/life balance. Each attendee receives a minimum 15 minutes of individual coaching attention within the group context.


Tuesday Talk

*Every first Tuesday of the month from 6:30pm-8:30pm*

Next meeting: Tuesday, 8/7 

Thursdays at Three    

*Every third Thursday of the month from 3-5pm*    

Next meeting: Thursday, 8/19 


 COST: $40 per session

Open to men and women.  LOCATION: NYC Midtown East*

RSVP Required to or call 917-816-0834*  


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 Essential Self Consultations


Need to make sense of your life & experiences up until now?

Not sure what your next move should be?

Wondering what your ideal career would look like?


Aligning your work with your Essential Self and unique talents and abilities creates a sense of peace and calm that allows for internal healing to permeate every aspect of your life.  Spend some quality one-on-one time with Kristina as she helps you discover your unique gifts and talents, and offers practical solutions as to how best you can use them in your personal or professional life!


$325 for a two hour in-person session and 45 minute follow-up phone session

($295 for TWM Members) 


Special Summer Refreshment Rate:

Everyone can enjoy the TWM Member rate of $295 until August 31st* AND attend one free group coaching session between now and 12/31/12  

*Must be paid for and used by 8/31/12


Contact Kristina at or 917-816-0834 to schedule your appointment.


Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel might benefit!




Other Coaching Options: 
For maximum benefit and best value the ESC noted above is always recommended as your first coaching session with Kristina, but here are some additional opportunities to benefit from her services: 

Special 75 minute phone session: $150

Special 90-minute in-person session:
$200 for first-time clients (Regularly $225)
$160 for returning clients (Regularly $185)

Please note these special rates are valid now through August 31, 2012.  Sessions must be scheduled and paid for by 8/31/12 in order to take advantage of discount.

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