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November 2011



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Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind. ~Douglas MacArthur 


There are no rules here -- we're trying to accomplish something. ~ Thomas Alva Edison


One of my all-time favorite films is Strictly Ballroom for a variety of reasons, one of which is how the main character, a world class ballroom dancer wants to use his own steps in competition and the outrage, and ultimately, delight, it causes.  I've always loved to dance, but hated formal exercise.  Since I'm not out at the clubs much these days, Zumba and CardioSalsa at the gym have filled the gap; but I never was into doing exactly what was presented - I generally stand in the back enjoying the music and sort of go along with the group.

I recently found a new class called NIA that is perfect for me - it includes sections for "free dance" and encourages you to "dance it your way."  It kind of looks like hippie dancing, or what you might do if you were in your room when no one was watching; it's a great workout that speaks to my body in a way that makes me feel good.

This time of year especially is filled with many traditions and routines, along with thoughts about the changes we want to make in the New Year.  My Mom has always made the holidays extra-special with borderline excessive (but not at all tacky) decorations around her home, and this year she just wasn't feeling it. When I suggested she could put the tree up with a few accent pieces instead of doing the whole Winter Wonderland/Santa's Workshop she thought it was impossible - it had to be all or nothing.

I insisted it could be done - and took some of the items she put in the same place every year and used them differently.  She fought with me tooth and nail until I proved they would indeed fit in spots she said they wouldn't. The house looks festive and the mission was accomplished - it feels like a maximum amount of decor with minimal amount of effort!  But it was her resistance to change and incredulity that several options and alternatives existed which were the hardest parts to tackle - she simply couldn't see any other way except how she's done it year after year.

Tradition can be a good thing, but it's important to know when those traditions and routines are serving or restricting us.  Sometimes you just gotta break the rules, think out of the box, do it 'your way'. Where we would we be without the hundreds and thousands of rule-breakers both known and unknown in every field, especially the arts, science, fashion, and civil rights? 

But the truth is that often our most fervent rules and regulations have been totally self-imposed, and/or are no longer necessary. It's easy to get caught up doing the same old thing just because that's the way we've always done it.  Sometimes we need a fresh eye, another brain, to look at the same situation and come up with a new solution, a new way of doing things that you couldn't see because you were too close/it was too engrained in your psyche.

Wondering if change will serve you better than reinforcing the 'rules' you have in place right now or which walls need to come Tumblin Down and be replaced with some new Moves Like JaggerGive me a buzz and I'll be the enforcement that looks the other way and the instructor that helps you create the right combination of funky steps you can dance to the beat of your own drum!


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From Passion to Profit Career Transition Support Group - Episode 1
From Passion to Profit Career Transition Support Group - Episode 1

Kristina Leonardi is the Founder of The Women's Mosaic®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and motivation for women to express their full power and potential in all areas of life. As a speaker and career/life coach, she provides a practical framework for each individual to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, connect to, and fulfill their role in the world at large.

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Kristina Leonardi is the Founder and Executive Director of The Women's Mosaic®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and motivation for women to express their full power and potential in all areas of life. As a speaker, seminar leader and career/life coach she encourages each individual to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, embrace and  fulfill their role in the world at large. Kristina believes that personal transformation is the key to social transformation and has dedicated her life to helping people connect more fully to themselves, each other and the world around them. She has a B.A. in International Relations from Boston University, and has taught extensively for New York University's Center for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and the Center for Career, Education and Life Planning. A featured guest on the all-women owned radio network, Greenstone Media, Kristina was also listed as one of Hispanic Magazine's Top Latinas of 2004, received the Tango Diva 2007 Diva Visionary Award  and was recently honored by the WNBA's NY Liberty as part of their 2009 Inspiring Women Night.  Click here for a full interview on TangoDiva, and here for her featured profile on Peace x Peace, where she was interviewed as one of the 'inspiring women and peacebuilders around the world'.  For more information please visit