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Happy Spring!
It's that special time of the year with fresh starts and new beginnings as we awaken from a long winter's sleep to see where we're at, what's happening around us and where we want to be going.
So much has happened recently on the political landscape to accelerate and intensify our discourse on topics that were previously often swept under the rug - racism, feminism, ageism, patriotism, religion, sex...the list goes on. While on the one hand it's great that there is a more open dialogue about these things, unfortunately much of it is relegated to extreme viewpoints, misconstrued facts, salacious details and a mostly us vs. them, black vs. white, young vs. old, man vs. woman, socially deviant vs. morally righteous, I'm right vs. your wrong tone. 
While there are indeed differences among us, too much energy, emphasis and exaggeration has been placed on what makes us separate. The things that deeply matter - our humanity, our unity, the real issues that need to be addressed - the truth behind a soundbite or a photo - the public consequences of a person's private behavior rather than the behavior itself - need to come to the forefront and things that should be left alone should be left as such, so that we can focus on what has genuine meaning and significance to us as individuals, families, cities and nations, and that creates understanding for the collective good of all and this planet that we share. 
The Women's Mosaic 's trademarked tagline incorporated together with its logo, "Recognizing our Unity; Celebrating Our Diversity" can be a reminder for us to acknowledge and express that sentiment, which is seemingly so desperately needed in our world at this time - therefore, we encourage (well, beg, actually!) each of you to visualize, meditate, reflect upon and spread the concepts of peace and unity through diversity whenever and wherever you can.
TWM's latest event is one example of how we contribute to that mission through our unique programs.  The most recent installment of our signature panel discussion series, My Life a a Female Solider in Iraq held on Tuesday, March 11th, brought together five women in the military from diverse backgrounds and rank to discuss their experiences from a purely personal perspective without the trappings of any political context or agenda.
my life as a female soldier event

The military is a culture just like any other - with its own set of rules, expectations, boundaries and code of ethics in

terms of what is acceptable for a woman to be and do. How she functions within and is respected by that culture is something that is rarely discussed outside that community.  We hoped to bridge that gap by creating a safe space for these women to freely express themselves and for those of us outside that world to be able to understand it a little more.  By doing so, we also put a very real human face on a conflict that we are often only connected to by a barrage of numbers and news reports.

The casual atmosphere was conducive to conversation, with much of the time allowed for questions and answers.  It was an event that could have been ignited in many ways, but instead was a simple yet profound exchange, connecting women with different life experiences, dispelling many myths and stereotypes; it allowed each participant to learn from and be inspired by one another. You can read more about this special event below as well as in the linked articles that have been published...
columbia career fair
In this TWM eNewsetter you can also read about our fun and fabulous
TWM Birthday Celebration that brought us lots of new faces, and last month we exhibited at the Columbia and NYU Nonprofit Career Fairs -thanks and welcome to all of you who
signed up for our mailing list and are now a part of our diverse, dynamic community - we look forward to seeing you at future events!
As for what's next, you'll see that we have our popular semi-annual Visioning Workshop coming up next Saturday.  Many are now familiar with this technique to 'create a treasure map' of your future, but we've been doing it for seven years - TWM itself is actually the result a workshop I took back in 2000!  Our style is one that is our own, and has kept our participants coming back to repeat it several times over the years as their lives and needs change.
You'll also see that I'm giving a few talks for a little inspiration to jumpstart your life with a different take on spring cleaning...  We also encourage you to become a part of our 5th Annual TWM Team for the Revlon Run/Walk....all the details are below and stay tuned for other updates and announcements as they occur. 
And, last, but certainly not least - remember that it's still Women's History Month which is a significant time to honor the strength, beauty and contribution of women to this world with your financial support to an organization like TWM.  Because we are a small, grass-roots organization, every penny counts and goes farther than you might expect, so please consider becoming a member or donating at the highest level possible!  Thank you very much to our past, present and future supporters!
We look forward to seeing or hearing from you all soon!
In Peace & Unity,
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Kristina M. Leonardi
 TWM bday party
    Happy Birthday TWM!
On Thursday, January 24th over 30 women came on out to celebrate The Women's Mosaic's 7th Year Anniversary in the very same spot wher we began seven years ago!  A video of past TWM events played, photo albums of even older TWM events were passed around as TWM ladies met and re-connected with one another. 
Guests enjoyed plentiful and yummy appetizers donated by Mantra 986 and cupcakes and brownies made by TWM Volunteers Kekla Magoon and Maija Viinikkala, who in addition to Sally Mercedes, Lisette Miranda and Melanie McEvoy made up the rest of our team and whose help we couldn't have done without!
And of course the most fun of the evening was our fabulous raffle, in which many of the winners were uncannily picked for the most appropriate prizes!
To the many new faces who attended - we welcome you and look forward to seeing you at future events!  
          THANK YOU TO OUR RAFFLE DONORS!        aliza
Havana Central
M.A.C Makeup
Melanie McEvoy
Lisette Miranda
                                                                                                       TWM Member Aliza Riba
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Tuesday, March 11th 

female soldier group 

Our panelists left to right: First Lieutenant Jennifer Karakat (Army), Sergeant Chrissy DeCaprio (Marines), Sergeant Carolyn Schapper (Army); Specialist Petty Officer Emily Stroia (Navy), Staff Sergeant Luz Gonzalez (Army) and our moderator Adaora Udoji, co-host of The Takeaway on WNYC/PRI

On Tuesday, March 11th TWM brought together a diverse panel of women who have served in the armed forces for an intimate look at the military culture from a female perspective, exploring the issues that these women have had to deal with abroad, and how they have been able to integrate and re-adjust back to their life at home.   Thanks to all who participated in this conversation!
 Below you can read some of the responses from those who attended and link to published articles about it as well.
My Life as a Female Soldier in Iraq is by far one of the best programs I've ever attended. Not only was I able to develop a greater appreciation for these women as strong, competent role models, but the personal tone was much more refreshing than the usual political one. Even when questions were posed that might at first seem political were really still about the women's personal experiences and the thoughts they have about the lives of their fellow soldiers. - Sally M.
This event was excellent. I thought that it would be anti-American and a lot of griping - but instead I took away a feeling of admiration and respect for these women. The format gave both speakers and audience a chance to participate. It was very enlightening - Great job!  -  Carol Anne P.

The opportunity to hear women of such varied backgrounds was really eye-opening.  - Linda K.

I just wanted to send out a small note expressing how touched I was last night. I found myself reflecting on my grandmother throughout the whole evening - she served in the military in the 1940's during World War II, where she met and married my grandfather, who was in the military as well. Last night, I looked at the women who serve today, and the struggles they encounter and barriers they conquer. It made me so proud of what my grandmother had accomplished. I look back on what a strong a women she must have been to serve when it was extremely uncommon for women to enlist; I also realized how far women have come in society, and how much further we still have to go. - Lisette M.
I am honored to be my mother's child, who served as a Lieutenant in the Indian Army as a nurse.  Seeing her struggles and what she went through to become the success she is today has influenced me to be the woman I strive to be, or at least half of what my mother is.  That said, having the opportunity to sit on a panel and speak openly and honestly about my own experiences in the military has made me realize that sharing our stories allows us to speak of our shining moments.  SSG Luz Gonzalez and I spoke of who and what we would be if it were not for the military and I felt such a connection with her (and the other women, who I could not be more in awe of).  I knew I was meant to meet her and relate to her and vice versa.  - Jenny K.

While most of the mainstream media continue to focus on scandals and corruption, it was a welcome relief to see and hear from some of the women who have lived un-glamorous and dangerous lives in service to this country. Regardless of how any of us feel about the War in Iraq, it is important to have events like "My Life as a Female Soldier in Iraq" to remember and honor that small, but significant minority of women who continue to change attitudes about gender in the U.S. military.  - Pauline K.

The Women's Mosaic would like to thank all of our panelists for taking the time to share their experiences with us!
Special thanks also to the following staff and volunteers for their generous support and help with this event:
 visioning photo                                                     
Using Your Creativity and Intuition to Gain Clarity, Find Focus and Manifest Your Dreams!
Saturday, April 5th 2008
11am - 5pm
Come to our popular and powerful semi-annual workshop for a creative, transformative afternoon where you will make a collage to manifest your heart's desire - and you may be surprised as to what that turns out to be. It's not unusual for participants to start new businesses, relationships, families or career paths as quickly as weeks or months after the workshop. If you are looking for both answers and results to help figure out where you are right now in your life and where you want to go next, this could be thing exact thing you need to push you forward and take you there...
COST: $65*; $75 at the door for TWM Members
$110 for Non-members; $125 at the door
RSVP is required as there are a limited number of spots and this workshop usually sells out; see below link to RSVP as well as note the supplies to bring with you.

revlon team
Saturday, May 3rd

On Saturday, May 3rd, our 5th TWM Team will be participating in the 11th Annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women!

On May 3rd The Women's Mosaic team will once again don our famous CHICKS ROCK t-shirts to walk/run along with 40,000 of our closest friends in order to help put an end to women's cancers. The event will begin with a stroll up 7th Ave. into Central Park were we will receive a free meal and join one of the largest picnics. Also featured will be an awesome health fair full of information and goodie bags!

We hope that you will join us and feel the strength of thousands bonded by the power of a common dream--to keep ALL women safe from cancer. Your participation and contributions lead to cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and diagnostic treatment services for suffering women.  Past TWM Teams have raised over $5000 for this cause!

revlon run/walk group
 If you can't join us in the walk, you can join us in the fight by making a pledge or donation on behalf of one of our team members. Your pledge will help fund important research into the cause and cure of women's cancers, prevention, education and support service programs. Every pledge will help bring us one step closer to a cure.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Team Captain Mary Brower at [email protected]


 Upcoming Non-Mosaic Events featuring TWM Founder Kristina Leonardi
flowerSpring Cleaning for the Soul! 
Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal and reawakening. It's a time when many people dust off their homes and open the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale air out - come listen to Kristina Leonardi as she talks about doing the same for your soul!  Examine what is old and no longer serves a purpose in your life, and what ideas, work or relationships need to be let go of or revised.  Take this time to stop and reflect on who and where you are at this moment in time and use the energy of Spring to create your best and most fulfilled life now! 
April 17, 2008
In Good Company Workplaces
 16 W.23rd, 4th Floor
$40 general admission; $20 for TWM Members; Free for IGC Members
April 23, 2008
Microsoft Building
1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th floor
$25 general admission; $15 for TWM or SL Members

What I like most about hearing Kristina speak is her real down-to-earth quality.  She is a normal person, much like me, with fabulous thoughts and ideas and the generosity and courage to share those ideas with others.  To me, she is an inspiration - she makes her dreams come true and teaches us all how to do the same.  Thank you!   - Karina Duque 

Kristina conveys really important practical ideas with such passion and in a really accessible way.  Thank you! - Andrea Kamins

To be in the loop about this and other talks by Kristina, be sure to check off the "Seminar & Workshops by TWM Founder" list on your subscriber profile by clicking on the Update Profile/Email Address link at the bottom of this email.

jenny karakat 

 TWM Spotlight: Jennifer Karakat

TWM Volunteer Reclaims Military Pride

First Lieutenant Jennifer Karakat admits that she was "directionless" after returning from her deployment in Kuwait in 2006. She was unsure how to reconcile her military experience with her civilian life.  When Jennifer met TWM founder Kristina Leonardi after hearing her talk about The Women's Mosiac at a speaking engagement in November 2007, she knew she wanted to get involved with the organization. "I was really excited and inspired to meet her," she explained. "I was looking to find something to ground me...and Kristina helped me to build on my own strength."

It really began when Jennifer agreed to sit down and discuss possible volunteer opportunities with TWM. She had no idea that her background in the U.S. Army would give her the opportunity to do some event planning. "She [Kristina] was impressed with my military service, and she wanted to talk about doing an event about women like me...she said I would be perfect for it."

As a result of that fateful meeting, Jennifer used her military contacts to help make TWM's Signature Panel Discussion Series: My Life as a Female Soldier in Iraq possible. On March 11, 2008, she was one of five panelists to discuss and represent military women from the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines to an engaged audience. While she admits that planning the event was challenging, she is grateful to TWM and her fellow panelists for the experience.
"It was great meeting with other military women in the New York City area," she said. "It feels like after two years of being away from the military, I am now re-connected to my past in a good way. I am proud to remember my accomplishments, and I am using what I learned from the military in my life now."
Jennifer is currently transitioning into a career in real estate, and hopes to stay connected to TWM in the years to come.
If you are interested in volunteering for TWM please be sure to contact us at [email protected]!
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