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    Plan B
    339 East 10th Street
    Between Avenue A & B

    July 13th 2005
    Have a few mojitos and dance the night away to a live Cuban salsa band at our sizzling summer fundraiser blowout! Tickets are tax-deductible and raise much needed funds that allow The Women's Mosaic to exist!
    COST: $35 in advance; $40 at the door


    TWM eNewsletter
    Enrich Your World & the World Around You!
    July '05


    Greetings on the eve of this Independence Day weekend! The Fourth of July holiday is one of my personal favorites for many reasons not the least of which is for the cookouts, picnics and fireworks that help celebrate it. The Fourth of July holiday recognizes and honors the daring, courageous and visionary founders of this country who could imagine a world, a state of being much more advanced and just than anyone could have conceived of at the time, and was probably considered ludicrous by many. Yet the simple act of declaring one's independence and universal right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" was so simple, yet so astonishing. Perhaps it did not technically apply to exactly what was going on at the time, i.e. the status of women and slavery , but the point that they put it out there as an ideal to live up to is what is significant.

    Yes, as a country we most certainly have had our fair share of injustice committed by and to us both within and outside of our borders, but the Declaration of Independence serves as our North Star on a personal, local and global level - it's a concept that we often forget, ignore or simply take for granted, and is an ideal that we should constantly strive to make real for ourselves and others. Why am I talking about this in our TWM eNewsletter you ask?

    Well, The Women's Mosaic seeks to build upon this sentiment and embrace its essence by helping to make it tanglible to each and every one of you who are a part of this organization. As women living in the 21st century in the United States, we are in a position to be the leaders for the rest of the women of the world to carry out this mandate of true independence, liberty and equality in its purest form of the essential right of every human being to create their own destiny that is fulfilling on every level. We as women are at the forefront of a movement to make those ideals a reality - not just for women, but for all people everywhere, and that means starting right here. Those certain "unalienable rights" are in our hands - women are the force to be reckoned with at this time in history and are the key to making the world a better place. This is why The Women's Mosaic exists, this is what, in our own grass roots way, we are helping to accelerate - that each and every one of you are able to express your full potential and power in the world in order to make it as it should be - a peaceful, compassionate place where unity is recognized, diversity is celebrated and prosperity is experienced in all areas of life.

    That is why we hope that this month you will support us - by becoming a member, attending our fundraiser or simply making a donation in any amount so that we can continue producing the unique programs that allow women to grow and connect with each other and to the world at large - and to inspire them to make a difference in their own lives and thus the lives of others.

    Last month we again offered one such experience - on Monday June 20th we had our Spolight on Sri Lanka: Culture, Cuisine, Conservation & Caring! We had a great turnout of over 30 people who enjoyed a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and listened to Ravi Corea, President of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, Yasoja Gunasekera, First Sectretary of the Sri Lanka Mission to the UN, and Pauline Nguyen, Secretary of Sri Lanka Care Foundation. Everyone got a broad perspective and understanding of the country and enjoyed meeting one another in the relaxed, funky setting of BOA Bar & Restaurant. Special thanks to TWM volunteer Randi Zuckerberg who was instrumental in putting this event together, to the owners of BOA, Bob and Ann for their hospitality, and especially to Pauline who schlepped all the way to Staten Island to get the food for the event! TWM was able to make a donation of $55 to Sri Lanka Care Foundation, in addition to other donations made directly from attendees, as a symbolic suport of their work to help women and children affected by the tsunami there. For a photo and description of this and all other Past Events please see the article link below.

    As you know by now, this month is TWM's Big Summer Fundraiser on Wednesday, July 13th which is going to be ONE HOT HAVANA NIGHT! We're cooking up a fabulous, fun event that we hope you will all become down to enjoy and bring all your friends with you! We need all the support we can get as this is our major fundraising event of the year - so please do what you can to contribute to making TWM the organization it is and can be. You should have already received the invite and email about other ways to help out but please see below for more information.This is our big event to raise much needed funds in order for The Women's Mosaic to be able to continue bringing you the types of events we've just described above! Please support us as best you can! For a full description and listing of all Upcoming Mosaic and non-Mosaic events, please see the article link below.

    Regarding August, for the first time in TWM's four and a half years, we will not be having a monthly event. Just take a look at our Past Events page and you will see that since our first meeting in January 2001 we have not missed one, and in fact many times have offered more than one event per month. We've come to realize however, that it is OK to have a break once in a while and that we truly need time to regroup, plan, work on several non-event tasks and yes, even relax in order to re- charge our batteries. So we hope you understand, and know that even though there are no events happening, that there is much behind the scenes work going on. We are also most likely going to put together a survey to send out to you all to get feedback on what we've been doing up until now and use it in our future planning for the upcoming months and years. More information on that soon...

    Well, that is it for now. You'll be getting a few reminders about One Hot Havana Night!, so please be sure to buy your tickets in advance. Have a great holiday weekend and see you on the 13th!

    Hasta pronto!

    Kristina M. Leonardi, Founder & Executive Director

    LAST MONTH'S EVENT:SPOTLIGHT ON SRI LANKA: Culture, Cuisine, Conservation & Caring!
    Monday, June 20th 6:30-9pm

    On Monday, June 20th we focused the TWM Spotlight on Sri Lanka: Culture, Cuisine, Conservation & Caring which gave over 30 attendees a taste of Sri Lanka - its culture, cuisine and women's issues there in general - as well as highlighting the work of Sri Lanka Care Foundation, a nonprofit that formed in response to the tsunami and is the only organization specifically targeting the needs of women who have been affected by it.

    Attendees tasted scrumptious Sri Lankan cuisine from New Asha Sri Lankan Restaurant (which we brought in from Staten Island!) and mingled the funky, jungle-like East Village bar/restaurant Boa - which was a perfect setting to hear from our speakers Ravi Corea from the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, Yasoja Gunasekera from Sri Lanka's Mission to the UN and Pauline Nguyen of Sri Lanka Care Foundation. Everyone enjoyed themselves and took home an authentic Sri Lankan souvenir handicraft brought back from there by Pauline. TWM has was able to donate $55 to Sri Lanka Care Foundation for their efforts on behalf of women and children, in addition to other amounts given by some of the attendees. For more information about Sri Lanka Care Foundation please visit www.srilankacare .org

    View a description and photos of this and other Past Events


    Come on out for ONE HOT HAVANA NIGHT! in support of The Women's Mosaic on Wednesday, July 13th! Sip a mojito, dance a mambo, munch on a platano and bid on a muchacho at this annual summer fundraiser to make it our biggest and best party yet! *Open Mojito Bar 7-8pm *Live Cuban salsa band *Dance lesson *Cuban snacks *Silent Auction and more! COST:$35 in advance; $40 at the door


    View All Upcoming Mosaic and Non-Mosaic Events

    Help with TWM's Hot Havana Night!

    Here are some ways you can help make TWM's Summer Fundraiser ONE HOT HAVANA NIGHT the most successful it can be!

    We have a committee working hard to pull this together but wanted to invite the rest of you to contribute as well. Following please find all the ways in which you can participate in this important fundraising event. Of course we hope you can come out to enjoy the party with us, and in addition to that or if you cannot make it, you can either offer to donate an item or service, or purchase an ad yourself. You can also help us sell Program Ads, solicit Food Donations and Silent Auction items, and/or sell Group Tickets as noted below:


    Coordinator: Tina Marie Greene [email protected] 914-806-5453 cell

    This is one of our best opportunities to raise funds. We are looking for solid, good, exciting items, a $50 value or higher to have as Silent Auction items. Classic and successful items are :

    Tickets to Music, Theatre or Sporting Events * Gift Certificates to Spas, Salons* Gift Certificates to fancy Restaurants* Nights at Hotels, Resorts* Cruises* Airline Tickets* Gift Baskets of luxury, high- end items* Gift certificate to a class or course or service* Unique experiences/items, ie. things that one could not normally buy such as a backstage tour, prop from a TV show, movie or play, lunch with a celebrity , walk-on part in a TV show, movie etc.*

    Donors will be able to display literature/business cards and can receive up to 2 tickets to the event. Please make sure we get their names.


    Coordinator: Lenore Holz [email protected] 212- 522-4563 wk 201-284-8633 cell (only until July1, after that send to [email protected] 917- 816-0834)

    Cuban/Latin food. Finger food is best, things that can be served either cold, room temperature or be delivered/picked up hot at around 6pm. We expect around 75- 100 people but they do not have to donate for that amount - just a tray or two would be good. Donors will be acknowledged in our program and can display menus, business cards to advertise their business, as well as receive up to 2 tickets to the event. For some of the nicer/name recognized restaurants they may prefer to donate a gift certificate for dinner for two for our Silent Auction. Be sure to check with Lenore first to make sure we don't duplicate asks. Silent Auction items should be directed to Tina Marie Greene [email protected] 914-806- 5453


    Contact: Kristina Leonardi [email protected] 917-816-0834

    Another way to lend your support is by purchasing or selling a program ad, which will be given out to approximately 100 attendees.The program will be 8 1/2 x 11 folded and printed or copied in black and white. Deadline for payment and artwork/copy is Thursday, July 7th

    * ARTWORK is to be sent to Christina Quintero [email protected] 864-320-3329

    1/4 PAGE (BUSINESS CARD) $ 25

    1/2 PAGE (5.5 x 4.25) $ 50

    FULL PAGE (5.5 x 8.5) $ 100

    BACK PAGE (5.5 x 8.5) $ 200

    Checks can be made payable to "The Women's Mosaic" and can be mailed to The Women's Mosaic 400 East 50th Street, Suite 4H NYC 10022. Payments can be made by credit card through the Donate Page on our website, and just be sure to specify in the notes what the payment is for. The ad sells are not tax-deductible, but if someone would like to make a contribution in any amount without an ad, then it would be fully tax- deductible.

    Please send the artwork directly to [email protected] with "TWM Fundraiser Ad" in the subject line. We would most likely need an EPS format, or very high resolution JPEG, or just the business card itself.


    Individual tickets are $35 in advance/$40 at the door and a way to offer a fun nite out to someone's clients and business contacts to either go out on the town themselves, or to take them out and schmooze.

    * a "group" consists of 5 tickets and costs $160

    * a "table" consists of 10 tickets and costs $300 (Please note there are no actual tables, just some couches here and there).

    All "tickets" include admission to the event - no actual tickets will be given out - the group or table needs to be paid by one person/company and a list of names needs to be provided to us prior to the event

    The Evite for this event is at[email protected] .com/havananig ht Only individual tickets can by purchased by credit card/money transfer through the Evite. To make a credit card payment for a group or table, it can be done via our Donate page at . Individual tickets, group or tables can also be paid for by check made out to "The Women's Mosaic" and mail to 400 East 50th Street, Ste. 4H NYC 10022. *Please note that payment at the door is by CASH or CHECK only

    And remember:

    *Tickets are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

    *MEN are invited and most welcome!

    Perhaps you or someone you know has a business that would like exposure to young diverse professionals, and wants to support an organization that brings women together in positive and uplifting ways! It's a great opportunity to expose your or another's business while providing much need funds that will allow TWM to continue offering our unique programs that create experiences for women to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

    Become a Member of The Women's Mosaic today!
    TWM Needs Your Support!

    One of the best ways to show your appreciation for what we are doing is to support The Women's Mosaic by becoming a member! We want to expand and grow our organization to become a powerful voice for women, but we cannot do so without your help.

    Besides providing general financial support for the organization, your membership allows us to garner funds from other sources such as foundation and corporations; and gives you benefits and perks like reduced admission to our events, discounts on various products and services, as well as other opportunities - the more members we have the more benefits we can offer. The bottom line is that if you enjoy what we are doing, please show your support!

    There are lots of exciting things we'd like to do over the Summer and Fall, but cannot do so without your help! The more members we have, the more we can do for you!

    Please join at the highest level possible today! A basic Mosaic Membership is only $25 ....

    For a full description of Membership Benefits, please click here

    INSPIRER Newsletter Online
    Read all about what we've been doing the past four years!

    In addition to the eNewsletters and announcements you have been receiving, we have a printed annual newsletter called INSPIRER that you can access here to read articles and see photos of some of our past events.

    INSPIRER Newsletter - PDF Format Link

    TWM Needs YOU!
    Lend your voice, passion, talent, or time to make The Women's Mosaic the best it can be!

    * Want to share your culture or other passion? Plan a TWM event!

    * Volunteer for TWM! We've got many ways for to you to help out depending on the skill set you have or want to develop, and the time you can give.

    *Spread the word about TWM! Forward this email newlsetter on to friends so they can sign up and become part of our dynamic and diverse community!

    *Become a Member of TWM! Support an organization that enriches your life and the lives of others! The more members we have, the more we can do for you as well as be a force for women both here and abroad.

    *Donate to TWM! Besides actual cash donations, we need in-kind donations of supplies, copying, postage and other items to help us cut down on costs. (We are in current need of a DIGITAL CAMERA - so if you got a shiny new one for the holidays and not sure what to do with your old one - we can most certainly use it!) We are also in need of donated OFFICE SPACE.

    If interested in any of the above contact us directly, or if you just wanted to be a general volunteer you can check off the "Volunteer" category box through the Update Profile/Email Address link at the bottom of this page. For information on internshops we have available please click below.

    Volunteer and Internship Listings

    Latest news about TWM in the Media!

    If you didn't happen to catch it, TWM got some press in the March 11-14 version of NY's Metro paper, when an editorial by TWM's founder Kristina Leonardi was published. View a PDF version of the article by clicking here.

    Link to article - see PAGE 8 of this Metro edition

    Make a Donation to The Women's Mosaic
    Right now we are asking for donations in any amount to cover our various operational costs .... every penny will especially help with the cost of these mailings so anything you can contribute is very much needed and appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible.

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