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Speck Pumps offers a variety of great SwimJet Systems. Not only do they provide for a fun way to enjoy the swimming pool but they are also a great exercise tool.

BaduJet & BaduStream II can be installed in any type of pool, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner. They have no protruding parts ensuring pool user's safety, are very compact and install at minimal cost.
BaduJet SwimJet is Fun and Great for Exercise

Speck SwimJet System Video

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BaduJet SwimJet Features
  • Jet-propulsion system - 5,000 GPM current
  • Self-contained, flush-mounted unit
  • Volume control knob adjusts flow of water
  • Air regulator adjusts quantity of air bubbles
  • Massage Hose with pulsator attachment
  • Pneumatic on/off button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor control

Another great SwimJet System by Speck is the BaduStream II. The BaduStream II offers many different options in a wide price range all aimed at pleasing a variety of exercise styles and budgets.
BaduStream II Features
  • Available as an in-wall or over the wall system
  • Flush mounted jet housing
  • Adjustable water flow jet nozzles
  • Massage Hose with pulsator attachment
  • Speck 4 HP or 3-1/2 HP self-priming, plastic pump
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Speck BaduStream II

Please visit our SwimJet Systems webpage or email your Export Manager for more information including brochures, owner's manuals and a product video.

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