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Water features are fun for everyone. Airbar by Master Supply is a unique system that allows air to be circulated to the bottom of a pool or spa, the result is a volcano effect of millions of tiny bursting bubbles.

Other great uses for Airbar include being able to turn an ordinary spa into a therapeutic experience and creating a bubbling light show effect in a pool, spa or pond.
Air Bubble Water Feature Is Fun For Kids

Air Bubble Water Feature With Colored Lights

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Airbar's Features
  • Millions of tiny bursting bubbles
  • Available in either grey or white
  • Virtually invisible when installed
  • Turns an ordinary spa into a therapeutic spa
  • Sits flush so automatic cleaners never get stuck
  • Shine colored lighting into the bubbles for a dramatic night effect

For additional information and product installation instructions, please visit our Master Supply Airbar webpage or email your Export Manager.

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